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Monday, January 25, 2010

We want a "second" opinion.

(author warning: kelvin)


There is a particular second of time in our near future and we are very anxious to know its name.


Have you ever slept with a stethoscope?


The name of that second was written down ages ago.


I suppose we all want to know the name of our "second", but it is best we don't know it.



A lot of new folks are reading the blog over the past few days. With that in mind, we would like to repost a couple of videos. The first reminds us of Emma's determination, even while her milestones were stripped from her. The second one shows you what an incredible community we live in and what God does through people in action.



  1. I cannot imagine the pain of what you are going through right now - never wanting to let your precious baby go, but desperately wanting her to be healthy and whole and pain free! My heart aches for your family! Please know you are in my prayers!!

  2. It must feel very agonizing waiting for comfort for your precious girl, and yet, so agonizing knowing what is to come! My heart is breaking for you!

    But, What a comfort knowing that Emma's and all of our "seconds" is already known by God! Thanks for this analogy! It really amazes me that your family can remain so hopeful and inspirational! Although, that is why having faith in God is such a WONDERFUL thing! Without God's grace, peace and strength, life and death would be unbearable!

    Thanks for sharing your faith, even in your most difficult hours! You have really touched me and inspired me as I've read your thoughts and your blog about sweet Emma's life!

    May God continue to give your family grace, strength and peace! Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

  3. I spoke with Gerry today for a short while. I wanted you all to know that my prayers and thoughts are always with you! Emma has truly blessed me and so many others in her life!
    -Ashley Neal

  4. Your faith and love is amazing. Every time I watch that video I fall more in love with Emma. She is so determined, trying to fight her own body!

  5. I just found your blog and I am so sorry for your pain. You are in my prayers tonight.
    Your baby will soon be resting in Jesus' arms and dancing with the angels.

  6. I am a friend of Allison's and I was honored to talk and meet Emma she is a very beautiful girl. I to almost lost my daughter a year ago but my faith in our Heavenly Father gave me strength to know that he would make her better you will be in our prayers she is the perfect child.

  7. A precious and determined and very loved girl. Her Bayou was just a small picture of how much Emma and your family are loved and the differnce you have made.
    May God's presence and love and grace and hope sustain you in each moment.
    Love and hugs and prayers,


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