Saturday, June 16, 2012

1st week of summer

Well, we're off to a good start with summer fun! Carleigh spent all week at GA (Girls in Action--Christian girls camp) camp and just got home this afternoon. She said she had a ball. I think she was a wee bit homesick. We received several phone calls throughout the week...of course, I'm not complaining. Luke started the week off at VBS with a couple of friends, participated in acting camp every day this week, performed a puppet show today, and began his first week of swim team. He wasn't so sure about the whole swim team idea on Monday, but by yesterday afternoon, he was a new man! I can't wait to see him tomorrow at his first meet. Carleigh will join the team on Monday. Beginning at age 9, they have to swim two lengths of the pool instead of just one. I look forward to seeing her build stamina and get excited about competing.

Probably need to work on the entry...he has arms and legs going every which way, but I love it!
 We got to watch Luke's best buddy play his All-Star championship game Wednesday evening! It was a nail biter, but they won! The announcer said it was the first time in 25 years a team from our town had won the championship! So glad we got to watch them win!!

I got to spend some time swimming in open water with my good friend, Jessica, Thursday morning. Man, it's been a long time! I have to figure out a way to fit in a swim or two during the week. I've also been doing the Tracy Anderson work-out. I'm supposed to do it 6 days a week, but I haven't been able to build up to that yet...hopefully soon. Would really like to do another sprint triathalon, but we'll see.

Last week we spent some time at the library.

She is so dang cute!
Cora loved the cute chairs!

She is so excited about books!

Luke is especially excited about getting prizes for completing books!

 I spent a good part of the day today getting inspiration off Pinterest for Father's Day. I'm excited about the cute free printables I found. Kelvin is in the throes of summer school, so our time is limited, but I'm hoping we can make it down to one of our favorite dives for Father's Day lunch. I received an awesome recipe for Peanut Butter Stuffed French Toast. Kelvin LOVES peanut butter, so I'm thinking this recipe will be a Father's Day breakfast winner for sure! Instead of strawberries, I think we'll use the remainder of the blueberries we got from our friends with the blueberry farm. They are delicious!

Next week, we will do more swimming, incorporate some fun learning activities, clean and declutter some spaces, visit the library again (Cora loved story time), celebrate 21 years of wedded bliss (holy wedding bells, Bat Man!) and play at a family fun game center for Kelvin's company family day. Hopefully, we'll fit in a sleep over or two. I would love to incorporate this idea I discovered today (yes, on Pinterest.)

Well, it's late, again, and we have a swim meet at dark-thirty in the morning, so bye for now! Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thoughts from Luke

"I'm Camo Superman!" as he runs around the house with a camo blanket cape

"It's a bed on the road" as he comes downstairs in nothing but a night cap (think Santa) and blanet wrapped around him

"The only part I really liked was snack and gym time. But the snack was only 6 tater tots!"

"If you don't make the swim team the first time you try, will they let you try again the same day?"

"It's impossible to tie a cape these days!"

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summertime, and the livin' is easy

School finally ended here on Tuesday. We are officially out for summer! Yippee!! There are so many things I want to do with our kiddos...

swim (wish we had a pool)
visit parks
find a botanical garden to visit
go to the movies indoors and outdoors
play at the beach
visit museums
ice skate
sleep late
eat pancakes more
make ice cream and fruit pops
pop fireworks
go fishing
visit our friends' lake houses
continue my fitness quest (40 is only 181 days, 21 hours, 4 minutes away)
complete Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis
play in the water sprinkler
go to acting camp and girls camp and music camp and dance camp and sign language camp...whew!
go to the local water park
have a fish fry
make s'mores around the fire pit
camp out in the backyard or living room ('cause it's pretty dang hot here already)
make ice cream sandwiches
have a yard sale
set up a lemonade stand
go to a baseball game
turn up the music and dance, dance, dance!
go crabbin'
clean out the flowerbeds
have a shrimp boil
clean out the office and make it Cora's bedroom
go to vacation bible school
frame the kids' masterpieces from the past year and hang them in the house
download the star app and identify the constellations
make the porch pretty
paint Carleigh's room
declutter the house
finger paint outside
make a new drink or two
plant something pretty
paint the living room and kitchen
play Dunnam's Got Talent or So You Think You Can Dance (family style)
light candles
find a new favorite wine
cook for friends and family
give Luke's room a makeover
clean out cabinets and drawers and closets, OH MY!
overhaul the kids' bathroom
play Pictionary or Apples to Apples or Uno or Scrabble or all of them
clean out and organize the freezers and refrigerator
cook in the crock pot
bake a homemade coconut and chocolate pie completely from scratch
have family movie night with homemade popcorn and blankets and snuggles on the couch

So, what are some of your summer plans?

"Earth laughs in flowers." Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Decade Ago

Carleigh turned 10 today. I feel like the time has rushed by like an Amtrack train. I can't believe 10 years ago today, Kelvin and I were at the beach with his family staying in a cute little cottage when my water decided to break, right at 2 1/2 weeks early. It was 6:40 in the morning. I was a little nervous but not freaking out. Kelvin had actually gone down to the beach to check out the condition of the water. He had a work related workshop he had to attend across the ferry in Galveston, but he wanted to fish later in the day with his dad. My mother-in-law sent our nephew down to the beach to get Kelvin and his dad. Kelvin was sceptical at first but realized Andrew wasn't kidding and got back to the beach house right away. We are a family of kidders and practical jokers, so I understood why he second guessed my request for him to get back to the beach house. :) Anyway, that evening, I delivered our first bundle of joy. She is a treasure. She is ever-changing. We are on the roller coaster of emotions, but she is still a doll, and we will make it through. She is passionate and kind and smart and beautiful and loves her Savior. I look forward to watching her continue to grow in her faith. She is a wonderful big sister to Cora and, ususally, a good pal to Luke. She loves her friends and all things "in" and the latest styles and fads. Carleigh has a beautiful voice and draws beautifully too. She is a delight. I love our sweet Carleigh!
a page from Carleigh's scrapbook...what a beautiful baby girl!

not even 1 day old

2 years old

yesterday at the 4th grade awards presentation

Happy 10th birthday, Carleigh! We love you very much!
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