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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Well, shoot! I can't believe I haven't carved out even a second to talk about what is going on in our world right now. We have been planning Emma's Bayou Bash.

I can.not.BE.LIEVE it's already here! All I have done the past couple of months is eat, drink and breath Bayou Bash. The event is Saturday, March 1, from 4-7, at McLeod Park Community Building in Mont Belvieu. If you're local, or even semi local, please come by and eat some yummy gumbo cooked by my mega fine man, bid on some of the INCREDIBLE auction items, and listen to some really good music by Market Junction. Mont Belvieu is only about 30 minutes east of downtown Houston. The community building is spitting distance from I-10. ;)

It is amazing how much people have given to this event...from our faithful planning team, to the underwriters, to the auction donors, to the team of volunteers who will come work Saturday! It's just awesome.

If you don't have a clue what Emma's Bayou Bash is, let me 'splane it to you, Lucy:

At two years old, Emma, Kelvin and Christy Dunnam’s third child, was diagnosed with a fatal disease, which took her life two years later. Wanting to memorialize the happier times in Emma’s life—the times she laughed, played, and gave big hugs, the Dunnam family founded Emma’s Hugs in 2009.
 Emma’s Hugs assists families with long-term patients in the Texas Medical Center with free parking chips. Since its inception, Emma’s Hugs’ volunteers have given 16,000 days of free parking to families in the Texas Medical Center. The organization uses a “random act of kindness” philosophy. Free parking is given to anyone, and does not discriminate for anything, including income or need, because serious injuries and illnesses do not discriminate either. Emma’s Hugs believes everyone needs a hug, especially those in long-term hospital settings. Please visit for more information about Emma’s Hugs.
Emma’s Bayou Bash was organized in 2009 by friends to help Emma. The event was a tremendous success and carved a place in the heart of the community. The subsequent Emma’s Bayou Bashes have benefited Batten Disease Research and Emma’s Hugs. We are proud to continue this event for the purpose of gathering great friends, making new friends, and securing the funding needed for Emma’s Hugs to impact our community. 

That's it in a nutshell. So, please come to Emma's Bayou Bash and have a good time supporting a great organization.

As for me, I hope to be back to my regular sporadic blogging schedule next week. Just for fun, here's what is on our menu this week...

It's gotta be quick and easy this week, y'all!

Well, now you know why I've been Missing In Action. Be back soon!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Four Years

This is the fourth year February 1st has come along. Each time my heart still aches. I miss her. I miss what should have been. I still don't understand. It's still hard.

I think the hardest part about losing someone, is that even though the ones left behind feel like it, the world has not stopped. Everything keeps going. People still drive to work, the mail still runs, the school doors still open (even though my child isn't walking through them), people still eat and drink, and life.keeps.going.

As the times passes, the wounds aren't as raw. The gaping whole has been stitched up and there's no longer flesh exposed. But, the scar is still painful, especially when touched or squeezed.

Butterflies have held a special significance since Emma was diagnosed with Batten Disease. Since she died, every time I see a butterfly I think of her and how she was able to spread her wings again...she is longer bound by Batten Disease.

A few weeks ago the big kids found a couple of cocoons on a leaf in our flower bed, which was weird because it's so late in the year. They should have all migrated to Mexico by now. Luke gently took the leaf  and placed it in a jar on the back porch. When the weather turned so cold the other day, I brought in the jar and left it on the dryer. I really thought the cocoons wouldn't do anything since they had been in such a cold climate. A few days ago Cora and I were walking out the door to go to school, and we noticed a butterfly perched on the edge of the jar. I was amazed! I left it there, and when I retuned home, it was gone. I looked for the butterfly throughout the week but couldn't find it. I figured it must have flown out the door when I wasn't looking. Last night, as we were eating dinner, one of the kids spotted the butterfly on the floor. I couldn't believe it! I picked her up and Kelvin took a photo...

Such a gift. Thank you, Lord.

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