Monday, May 25, 2015

I think I can, I think I can

7 1/2 more school days. I think I can do this. It's been a hellacious year. I've had breakdowns and wanted to walk off my job like some of the students who walk out of my classroom, but it's almost over. I was blessed to work alongside one of the most precious ladies you will ever meet. We have cried on each other's shoulders, prayed for one another, and laughed 'til our sides hurt. I will miss her. She is staying home next year, and I am moving on to a new school and new age group. I'm a little terrified, truth be told. I've never taught elementary-aged kiddos, but I'm ready for the change. I'm looking forward to it. Cora will be in my music class next year, and she is beside herself with excitement. I'm glad I will have the opportunity to teach one of our children.

I'm not a good working-outside-the-home-mom. It is hard! One of the hardest things I've ever done. The worst part was not being able to go on the field trips or help with the special things at school or having the luxury of eating lunch with them. I missed just being the mom and taking them to school and picking them up. I missed the unrushed mornings and having time to cook beakfast. I hated being so worn out physically and emotionally that I hardly had an ounce of energy left for them or Kelvin. I don't know how other mamas do it. Maybe it will be better in my new teaching environment next year. I hope so. It has to be, because I can't handle another year like this one. 

We had a great weekend. It started off extremely disappointing. We rented a beach house in our favorite semi-local beach community, and had plans to attend a music fest while we were there. Kelvin left a few hours ahead of us to check in and get things unloaded. When he walked into the house, it reeked of smoke, which my head can't tolerate. There were no more homes available at our price point at that late hour of the game. After numerous texts and calls, Kelvin made his way back home. Cora cried all evening, and I wanted to. After breakfast Saturday morning, Kelvin found a waterfront condo in Galveston that was still available and within our budget. The vehicles were still loaded and ready, so we changed out of our pjs and headed to the beach!! 

It ended up being a fabulous weekend. I'm so thankful for the time we had to sort of recharge and relax. The weather was pretty yucky yesterday morning, so we spent some time at the railroad museum and ate lunch at one of the great seafood places down there. 

The rain stopped, and we were able to enjoy some more of the surf and pool yesterday afternoon. This morning we ate at a great diner and introduced the kids to beignets. They devoured them! We were able to fit in one last dip in the pool before checking out. It was so nice to lounge by the pool, read a magazine, and take pics of the kids.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What I Love about Spring in Southeast Texas

There are positive things about living in Southeast Texas like great Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican food, being just an hour away from the coast, and azealas. But one of the best things is the couple of months we have for spring. It's cool enough to sit outside for dinner or a soccer game and not sweat right through your clothes. My very favorite thing though is a crawfish boil! There are not  many things in life much more fun than boling up some corn, potatoes, sausage, mushrooms, and CRAWFISH, dumping them on the table or scooping them into a tray, and eating the whole meal with your fingers! Add some awesome friends and yummy homemade wine coolers to the mix, and you have a darn near perfect day! (Except for the occasional mosquito or two hundred.)

It was a perfect spring Saturday around these parts this weekend. Hope yours was too!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Missing you

I have always kind of thought 5 was a cool number. Not so much today. Time does not heal wounds. Time just allows the wounds to scab over and make a scar. Scars are painful to the touch. I am forever changed by loving this sweet girl. I miss her every day...especially today. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Luke's rodeo artwork was recognized for the art exhibition. We are so proud. 

I can't remember why she wanted me to take her picture after we got her dressed for school, but she's adorable!

Our new addition, Remi, is growing like a weed!! She has doubled her weight already!! (These are old photos. She's even bigger now. Wish she could skip the chewing-to-shreds-everything-in-her-path phase. Ugh.)

Look what my girl shot!! She's so awesome! I can't believe she's so grown up...she wears my shoes now!

Luke got him a big one too!!

Cora and her friend making up their own rules to the game. They had a ball. 

I look pretty scary in this green mask...kinda like the Riddler on Batman! 

He makes me smile. 

Grateful for a girls night out last night...and fudge pecan pie. 

Kari Jobe was amazing. And she's so darn cute!

Mrs. Kay from Duck Dynasty was so sweet. I loved hearing her message about fighting for your marriage and asking Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of your life. She's precious. 

Sure miss this space. I hope to figure out a schedule that allows me to write more. I need the outlet. What is your favorite way to decompress?

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