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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!

Look at me posting twice in one day! Y'all, it's a gorgeous one here in Northeast Ohio. The sun is shining,  it's about 65 degrees, there's a breeze, and there is no humidity. The mosquitos have up and left, and I'm sitting on my deck planning out the week! Wish you could join me.

Any suggestions for supper this week? It's gonna be a fun one for us. It's Homecoming week! Carleigh and her boyfriend are the junior class representatives on the Homecoming Court. She gets to ride in a convertible in the parade, participate in the pep rally, and Kelvin and I get to escort her onto the field during half-time at the football game. She's also performing with the Bomberettes, so she's a little bit bummed that she won't get to dress up, but I think it's so cool that she gets to be part of the court! So much fun!

We're also hosting a pasta dinner for Luke's XC team Friday evening so we will be busy little bees. It's all good. Before we know it, they will all be grown and gone, and we will be sad the house is so quiet. I'm not trying to do it alone either! Other parents are bringing drinks, fruit, garlic bread, and salad, and this mama ordered the pasta and sauce from the handy-dandy cafe right past her office! Thank you, Chef Mark!

So, I have dinner taken care of for Friday night, and tonight we're having a little fried fish from our stash we've caught the past couple of weeks. YUM-O!!

I think we're having some Rice Cooker Sausage Jambalaya tomorrow night.

Rice Cooker Sausage Jambalaya - An easy one pot rice dish filled with sausage and black-eyed peas. It only has 5 ingredients!
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Doesn't that look delicious!? I follow a ton of amazing food blogs. Diary of a Recipe Collector is a good one!

Of course, Tuesday is for TACOS! I think I'll throw a pork butt in the crock pot Tuesday morning, and we'll have pulled pork tacos on Tuesday and Pulled Pork Chili Wednesday. We might do WonTon Burrito Cups on Thursday. Of course, Friday is pasta. Not sure what Saturday will hold. Luke has a XC run Saturday morning, and we have Homecoming! So, there will be running the roads and pictures and more pictures. Both Carleigh and Luke are going. It will be so fun!

Do share what you are cooking and doing this week. I love hearing from you.


A few of my not-so-favorite-things

There are a lot of things I favorites. But, there are some things in life I could do without.

Honking, for instance. Unless there is a serious reason to honk, then I don't believe one should. To the person who honked at me for letting the person go who got to the stop sign first, shame on you! Get over yourself. Your flashers weren't on, so there obviously wasn't an emergency. Next time, I will shift my car into park, and you will have to maneuver your impatient butt around me!

Another thing that isn't one of my favorites is when the opposing team sits on the home side and speaks loudly about your players and coaches in a not-so-favorable way. Go sit on your own side, for crying out loud! But if you must sit on our side, then keep your mouth shut!

Going to the grocery store and scrubbing tubs and toilets...not my favorite either. I wish grocery delivery was always free, and our toilets and tubs were self-cleaning. Ahhhh yeah!

Hmm, I feel a little lighter getting those things off my chest. Have a great week!

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