Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ideas swirling around in my head

I have all these ideas swirling around in my head and a deep yearning to be back here. I need to write. I have to find the time. 

I'm struggling a bit today. Loss is all around me. Things are changing. Grandparents are leaving this world for the better one. I'm no longer the child surrounded by familiar faces. 

I always thought the grown ups in my life were so wise and had it all figured out. Now I'm the grown up, and boy do I ever not have it all figured out. Quite the contrary. I hope though that I'm learning more about trusting the One who does have it all figured out. He can bring something good out of anything. Anything. No struggle or trial we face is wasted. 

I will cling to His truths today. And pray for wisdom. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What I Love about Spring in Southeast Texas

There are positive things about living in Southeast Texas like great Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican food, being just an hour away from the coast, and azealas. But one of the best things is the couple of months we have for spring. It's cool enough to sit outside for dinner or a soccer game and not sweat right through your clothes. My very favorite thing though is a crawfish boil! There are not  many things in life much more fun than boling up some corn, potatoes, sausage, mushrooms, and CRAWFISH, dumping them on the table or scooping them into a tray, and eating the whole meal with your fingers! Add some awesome friends and yummy homemade wine coolers to the mix, and you have a darn near perfect day! (Except for the occasional mosquito or two hundred.)

It was a perfect spring Saturday around these parts this weekend. Hope yours was too!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Missing you

I have always kind of thought 5 was a cool number. Not so much today. Time does not heal wounds. Time just allows the wounds to scab over and make a scar. Scars are painful to the touch. I am forever changed by loving this sweet girl. I miss her every day...especially today. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Luke's rodeo artwork was recognized for the art exhibition. We are so proud. 

I can't remember why she wanted me to take her picture after we got her dressed for school, but she's adorable!

Our new addition, Remi, is growing like a weed!! She has doubled her weight already!! (These are old photos. She's even bigger now. Wish she could skip the chewing-to-shreds-everything-in-her-path phase. Ugh.)

Look what my girl shot!! She's so awesome! I can't believe she's so grown up...she wears my shoes now!

Luke got him a big one too!!

Cora and her friend making up their own rules to the game. They had a ball. 

I look pretty scary in this green mask...kinda like the Riddler on Batman! 

He makes me smile. 

Grateful for a girls night out last night...and fudge pecan pie. 

Kari Jobe was amazing. And she's so darn cute!

Mrs. Kay from Duck Dynasty was so sweet. I loved hearing her message about fighting for your marriage and asking Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of your life. She's precious. 

Sure miss this space. I hope to figure out a schedule that allows me to write more. I need the outlet. What is your favorite way to decompress?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's been a while

Hey there. I wonder if anyone still stops by here. It's been quite some time since I've written. I think about writing here almost every day, but my time is being sucked up with work and toting kids to and fro after work and the meeellion other things that are still expected like food on the table and cleans clothes. This is the week of Thanksgiving, and our school district is off the entire week...insert the Heavens opening up and the choir of angels singing "Hallelujah" with me in the lead. I need this week off like a dog needs to bark and wag its tail. This mama is T-I-R-E-D!! 

I thought I would take a few minutes to reflect on some things I've learned about myself since returning to the classroom. I'm not super proud of some of these revelations. 

1. I am NOT Superwoman. Not even close. I don't know how my working mom friends have done it all these years. 
2. I never realized just how much I LOVED being home. I like it a lot. I miss it…a LOT. 
3. Teaching is hard. Like real hard. 
4. I am not that great of a teacher. 
5. I get frustrated pretty easily and wish I could paddle some of my students on a daily basis. 
6. I like feeling appreciated, and teachers don't get that much. 
7. This teaching gig might not work out long-term. I think there is a season for everything, and quite frankly, my season of teaching other people's kids probably ended when I quit to stay home with my own. 
8. I'm not good at figuring out what to eliminate from my schedule. 
9. I need a lot of help and a lot of sleep. 
10. I really like week-long Thanksgiving breaks. ��

So, what's new with you? Reading anything good? Making anything great? Try any new recipes or gadgets that have changed your life? Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? I am super excited to say, for the first time EVER, I have started. It's been an aspiration for as long as I can remember, and this year, I started shopping before December! Y'all, this is big…HUGE! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October weekend

Kelvin and Carleigh headed to the ranch for youth weekend to get a big 'un! She's one cute gate girl. 

Scoping the scenery. 

Their sunset. 

5th grader and Kindergartener ready for the Fun Run. 

Cora and her girlfriends. 

Waiting his turn. 

Aaaaaand she's off! Gave it a good go for about half the race, then a bad quad cramp got the best of her. She was crying big tears on the other side of the course and didn't get to finish. She was so disappointed. :( 

Almost ready. I was too slow to catch his finish. Awesome roll stunt across the finish line. :) I think he came in 4th. He ran hard! 

After the run, we went to Luke's soccer game then headed back to the Fall Fest for some fun. 

We made it to the pumpkin patch too. 

We missed Careligh, but we didn't forget to get her a pumpkin. 

Givin' me some pumpkin peace!

I think October might be my favorite...well, one of them anyway. I wonder what Octobers are like in heaven. Do they grow pumpkins and watch the leaves on the trees change colors? Do they run through corn mazes and have three-legged sack races? I hope so. I like to think Emma and her friend Celia are having a ball this fall. I hope they are carving the prettiest pumpkins and eating caramel apples and popcorn balls like there's no tomorrow. I miss her. Now that the kids are so independent, I wonder how our lives would be different with her here with us. I like this stage...no diapers or diaper bags, no wiping hineys, everyone feeds themselves and the big ones can even cook some things themselves. I'm sure Emma would have loved cheesy grits like Luke and pancakes like all of them. I wonder if she would have liked gymnastics like Cora or preferred dance Iike Carleigh. I guess there will always be a hole, a yearning and longing. I look forward to the day we see her again. 

October blessings to you! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Food and other stuff

So, we have been eating since I've gone back to work, but sometimes it's cereal for dinner, or sandwiches. We have eaten out WAY more than I am comfortable with. I have made menu plans for almost every week, but usually I don't get to stick to them as religiously as I used to for one reason or another. This week I made chili Sunday night, so the kids and I had that Monday with Freetos and cheese, of course. Kelvin had a dinner meeting for work he had to suffer through eating New York strip and asparagus, or something awful like that. Yesterday morning I threw all of the ingredients into the crockpot for Slow Cooker Lentil and Brown Rice Tacos. There isn't a much sweeter thing than coming home to dinner already cooked in the crockpot...except maybe my little kindergartner still being excited to see me and running up to me to give me a big ole hug when I get home. Tonight we had leftovers, and tomorrow night it will be Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad for which I will use rotisserie chicken, because it's quick and easy. I might even ask the nanny to cook the pasta if I can remember.

I sat down the other day to edit some soccer pics, and got a whole two completed out of fifty or so. Welcome to my world. Luke's team is doing well. He is still playing goalie most of the time, but occasionally he is getting to play the field.

Occasionally one gets by him, but not without him diving for it and eating some dirt!

This poor little guy just doesn't have a chance. 

Seems to be a theme with playing soccer and his tongue hanging out.

The beautiful white, puffy clouds opposite the big black rain-filled ones that dumped on us seconds after I took this photo.

Well, it's bedtime around these parts. Hope your week is going well. Happy hump day!
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