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Friday, January 29, 2010

Global "Heart" Warming

While scientist argue in front of the media about global warming and politicians select their best climate change strategies to earn another 4 year free ride on the tax payers pocketbook, one type of global warming has certainly occurred; a global heart-warming. E-mails and Facebook messages have rolled in from around the globe. Adults, children, and couples of all ages are cheering for Emma. Hits on the blog and the charity she inspired ( have sky rocketed. Emma is loved around the entire Earth.

The stories of new found hope, restored marriages, improved relationships with children and faith in God have one at a time begun to smudge out the face of Death. It is replaced with a picture of love and peace and that is what life is truly about. The toothpaste tube analogy this morning may have thrown some for a loop, but I have long said life on Earth is so temporary that the ever giving toothpaste tube is the closest thing we understand to eternity.

We are thankful for the crowds that are packing the sidelines of Emma's race. She is hosting the ultimate charity run and she is running off of the crowds enthusiasm. How awesome it is that she has a global fan base who will explode in excitement as she crosses the finish line, one that truly understands her accomplishments. She will hear the cheers and smile.

We are humbled that God entrusted us with such a world-moving being as Emma. We are thankful He has used her as such a mighty tool. We are challenged to bring her honor and Him glory, for each are worthy.

Little Em is tired. Her heart rate ranged from 130-200 today. Her color is better than yesterday and she is resting peacefully. Friends continue to bless our home. Our cup runneth over.

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