Sunday, January 31, 2010

PM Post

Emma seemed to be awake much of today. Her eyes were open , bright and tracking. After some really good oral hygiene this morning I noticed she stayed awake, so I put three drops of warm honey on her tongue. She can't swallow, but I hope she enjoyed the sweet taste. After that, there is not any change to report on her condition.

Carleigh came in the bedroom with Emma and I today and sang some hymns with me. Then she drew a picture of Emma with huge angel's wings. We taped it to the head board. I am very proud of Carleigh for handling Emma's situation so courageously.

Our house was blessed again today with dozens of friends, not to mention some to-die-for banana pudding and some of the best gumbo you have ever tasted!

We continue to pray for a miracle and understand that God can easily do such a feat. Hey, it would even make more sense to perform one now, in the final hour, than it would have a year ago (more bang for the buck!). If He did it then people would have just said she had a vitamin deficiency! If He performs the miracle now there will be people on at least 4 continents singing His praises. We are also thankful that God has tempered and prepared us for her healing on the other side of this life.



  1. I hope my meal Tuesday is as good....Luke requested meatloaf and macaroni and cheese!! I will throw in some veggies too! LOL!!
    I just caught up on all the entries since we were gone this weekend and the picture is beautiful. Emma is so blessed to have such amazing parents as you guys are blessed to have her. My mind is always on your family and my prayers are always with you guys.

  2. Emma has inspired me as no other ever has even though I have only recently learned of her story and have never met her..she is truly an amazing child..she has touched my heart...praying for her and for all of you.

  3. I have only started following your story last week and have read every single post. Praying for Emma and your family.

    xoxo Kristy

  4. I am bringing dinner tomorrow not Tuesday! Will bring it when I bring Luke home....

  5. Continuing to pray for baby Emma and your family. Tears flow with every update I read. May God watch over your family.

  6. So glad that Emma was awake today. That was a blessing. Your whole family is incrediably courageous.


  7. Yes, wouldn't that be wonderful! Let's hope in a miracle here on earth!

    I am amazed, its all I can say, I am amazed... The Lords Hand is surely holding this sweet girl!

    I am so thankful for friendship, fellowship and good food for your family! May God continue to bless this side of earth and if and when He calls His little one home may these blessing still wrap your hearts with warmth!

    I am still here, prarying and with you ~

  8. Just found your blog....and reading about your beautiful little girl. We are on a similar journey after the homegoing of our son in April 2009. Praying for your family....for the miracle of on earth or at His gate...

  9. I continue to lift you up to our Heavenly Father. May you continue to be strengthened by all of the prayers and love that surrounds you. In His Name,Debbie Denson

  10. Just wondering how recent that sweet picture of Kelvin and Emma is? It is so precious. By the way this is Allison, Emma's Wee School teacher last year.

  11. Thinking of and praying for you all today!

  12. Please let us know if there is anything Ken or I can do for you. I know the food comes on a daily basis. We would love to do something, even if you run out of toilet paper..we would be glad to deliver! LOL. Errands, anything at all. We are still praying for a precious miracle and we still believe it can happen. If your heat or air go out, we can handle that one! Love you and praying for your strength, you are an amazing family. Love & prayers, Ken and Sharon

  13. I just started following your story also. I haven't read all of your blogs but I have been praying every time I think of your family (which is often) throughout the day. This blog did my heart well. I have been praying for her healing with all that is within me. I am a firm believer that death is part of life and sometimes we just need to let people go. Many times we belabor their "ultimate healing". But everything inside of me says that God is going to heal her. Keep the faith, honey. You are precious and so is she.

  14. Still praying and believing God for a miracle with you.
    Love and hugs and prayers,


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