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Sunday, January 31, 2010

PM Post

Emma seemed to be awake much of today. Her eyes were open , bright and tracking. After some really good oral hygiene this morning I noticed she stayed awake, so I put three drops of warm honey on her tongue. She can't swallow, but I hope she enjoyed the sweet taste. After that, there is not any change to report on her condition.

Carleigh came in the bedroom with Emma and I today and sang some hymns with me. Then she drew a picture of Emma with huge angel's wings. We taped it to the head board. I am very proud of Carleigh for handling Emma's situation so courageously.

Our house was blessed again today with dozens of friends, not to mention some to-die-for banana pudding and some of the best gumbo you have ever tasted!

We continue to pray for a miracle and understand that God can easily do such a feat. Hey, it would even make more sense to perform one now, in the final hour, than it would have a year ago (more bang for the buck!). If He did it then people would have just said she had a vitamin deficiency! If He performs the miracle now there will be people on at least 4 continents singing His praises. We are also thankful that God has tempered and prepared us for her healing on the other side of this life.

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