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Friday, January 22, 2010


(author warning: kelvin)

Have you ever discussed running with a marathon runner? It can be kind of humorous as they describe their training and so forth. It is always interesting when someone asks them how long a marathon is. Do they say "Twenty something miles"? No. Do they say "Oh, around 25 miles"? No. Do they say "Twenty six miles"? No. They say "Twenty six POINT TWO miles". If asked why they always mention the POINT TWO they will tell you it is because that's the hardest part of the race.

Emma has passed the 26 mile marker. She can see the finish line and is holding a steady pace. The hardest part of the race is behind her and she is ready to finish and rest. Emma is getting ready to go run and laugh and sing praises to God all while seeing the beautiful colors of heaven. She has pneumonia now and we are enjoying every minute holding her. Join us beside the course as we cheer her through the final paces and congratulate her for a race well ran.

We want to take a moment to thank everyone for your constant prayers, words of encouragement and kind deeds. Feel free to call or come by (if we don't feel like talking we won't answer the phone and if we want to be alone we will just stare at you through the door without answering it;)...).

Again, we lift praises to the Lord! We thank Him for his patience with our weakness. We praise Him for giving us more faith than we could muster on our own. We thank Him for carrying us. Our friends are good and we thank God for you. Our God is awesome. God, we love you.
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