Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not much there...and more...

Hey folks, Kelvin here...

Emma is so thin it hurts to look at her. We are wrapping cloth diapers around her to give the points of her pelvis and hips some protection. She is gravely thin. She is now under 18 pounds, although eating steady. I recently had the realization that her physical whithering and ability is probably a mirror of her mental state.

It seems as if it may be a mirror of our mental state as well...

Prayers accepted!

On a brighter note, Christy and I ran another 6 miler yesterday as we train for our half marathon in March. We are soooo looking forward to that race! I tagged along with Carleigh and Luke for a few mile bike ride today and they did wonderful. They have so much energy.

On to another line of has been awhile since I reminded everyone how awesome Christy is (hint: nod your head up and down). Well, I never do it justice, but let me just say she is an indestructible mother, the warmest of lovers, a friend to all and overflows with instinctive wisdom;
She lovingly looks past the flaws of her husband and focuses on Christ, her children know the warmth of her voice and hold (and the business end of her wooden spoon!) and she keeps up her juggling act even without sleep;
Christy is an amazing woman about whom books should be written.

Over the past 2 years I have walked through the deepest of life's dark and jagged valleys. Even then, the lowest areas of my journey could be used as a perch to view down into the places where Christy does battle. As a mother holding a dying child, I concede her mental, physical and emotional journey to be beyond my understanding.

Christy, you are my hero.


  1. This wife and mother could not do one iota of what she does without the unwavering support and love shown to her from her fantastic husband. God is good to provide such love to me through this wonderful, Godly man.

  2. You guys are so blessed to have each other!!
    I am always praying for Emma and you guys!!

  3. that is beautiful Kelvin.

    Christy deserves it.

  4. You are amazing, Christy!
    Praying the love and strength and grace and hope of God over your family today and always.
    Love and hugs and prayers,

  5. You guys are both amazing to me! God has truly blessed our family through you. As always, we are praying for all of you.

    Love you guys!

    Kristy Brown

  6. Both of you are amazing and a shining example of Godly parents. You and precious Emma have blessed more people than you know.
    You all are in our constant prayers.
    Love and hugs ♥
    Becky O'Banion

  7. Christy and Kelvin, I love you. You are most certainly both human, but two of the most beautiful humans I have ever known. My heart aches for all that is happening right now(and I know for certain my "aches" are a drop in the bucket compared to what you all must be feeling.) God is so amazing to me to have held you so tightly through all of this. His love radiates from your relationship and your family. Your lives are such an example of the strength he can provide on a daily basis. Whatever you ask of me, you will receive it from me within God's will.
    With so much sincerity,

  8. Praying and Praying! Again, my thoughts and heart is with you!

  9. Family,
    Just wanted you to know we are praying for you guys. Kristy is our pastor's wife at FBCM and has shared your story. We are lifting your family up and praying that God surrounds you with His strength.

  10. We love you guys. Hugs and kisses and so many prayers for Emma and for you.

  11. Tonight, we are just loving you. May Emma bring sunshine, happiness and additional nice stuff into the life which awaits you all
    kissess to allxxxxx

  12. The admiration you have for your wife is inspiring! What lucky children to be blessed with such an amazing woman as their mom! I'm praying for you all.


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