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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rough Times- Good Memories

A pattern has emerged over the past week: the days are busy with guests and well wishers, food trays come in every other hour, prayer groups stop by and bless us, and Christy and I split our time between working in the house and lying with Emma. We each spend about 15 hours a day lying beside her.

At night however, many of the same friends return, the living room fills with good people and great stories and the house gets almost too loud with laughter. I laid down with Emma around 5:30 this afternoon. I spent a while singing songs and reading Psalms to her until I fell asleep. When I awoke around 8 pm and went to take her vital signs, it was difficult to hear her heart beat...due to the loud laughter in the rest of the house. I smiled. We are blessed.

I was reminded of Hurricane Ike; the power was off for weeks, tens of thousands of homes were destroyed and loved ones were displaced. But the biggest thing I remember when I think back to those few tough weeks was the great times we had every night when the neighbors brought over their food and we all cooked on the fire pit. I suppose that is the natural thing to do in dire situations. You circle the wagons, take care of each other and once the work is done, you laugh.

Emma continues to have a peaceful day. Respirations and heart rate have dropped signifigantly, at 12 and 60, respectively. She has been this way most of the day and her hands are getting tougher to keep warm. Also, she is beautiful. Her unblimished skin is a joy to kiss. Her lips are still full and I love to touch mine against hers while singing Jesus Loves you...she is awesome.

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