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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Sun Still Shines

In case you have ever wondered, life does go on after your child dies; babies cry, dogs bark, it rains and bills show up in the mailbox. But also, friends call to check on you and bring you food, it still feels good to lay beside your spouse, you enjoy the fires in the fire pit each night and it warms your heart when your other kids jump in your bed in the morning. New babies have been born into our family and today we will celebrate Luke's birthday. We enjoyed a gorgeous day yesterday while watching the kids on carnival rides. The blessings don't slow down, we just have to remember and realize they are there. It is the world inside your head that tends to slow down or stop.

Our family seems small now; three kids feels like part-time work. Luke wanted to bring Emma home after visitation. We hadn't admitted it until he verbalized it, but so did we.

The funeral was videoed, and we will be posting segments here so that all of you who supported us from your keyboards and mouse pads can have the same closure we were blessed with. A dear friend of ours played a bluesy guitar solo of Mary Had A Little Lamb which transitioned into Amazing Grace. A recording was played of Christy singing A Mother's Prayer. I spoke and reflected on Emma's impact and our pastor delivered a beautiful and inspiring message.

Additionally, we will soon be compiling all e-mails, blog comments and the blog itself into a keep sake. If you would like to leave a message about Emma's impact please leave a comment or e-mail us at Thanks

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