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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did I forget to mention?

Kelvin and I awoke around 3:30 a.m. on Monday to the sound of splattering on our bedroom floor. It was Carleigh. Evidently the bug got her too. Thankfully, she was fine after emptying her stomach on my floor the one time and sitting on the potty one time later in the morning. Can you say "thank you, Jesus for hard wood/laminate flooring?" I was doing the happy dance (well, as happy as you can get while cleaning up puke) that I wasn't trying to clean up such a huge mess imbedded in carpet. I'm sure my room would still stink. Thought to self...teach Carleigh to go straight to the bathroom if she thinks she even might throw up.

As we were rolling into town Sunday afternoon, we called my friend who Luke stayed with. She said he was napping and had been running fever. He ran a low grade fever the rest of the night but after sleeping on the couch the almost the entire day Monday, he seemed fine.

Cora has had runny diapers for almost a week now. I called the doctor today. The nurse is going to get back with me. Hope she's okay. Seems this stomach bug is pretty wide spread!

Stay well!

Here are some Christmas pictures I don't think I've posted before...

Merry Christmas bright eyes

A doll for a doll

Grammy and Papa with the kiddos

Aren't their matching pjs adorable!?!


  1. What beautiful photos. I think about Emma everyday and each time I get angry or upset with my kids I think about everything that you and your family have gone through and I am brought back to a very thankful place. I rarely comment but check here and think of your family often. Thank you again for sharing so much.

  2. I'm so sorry you guys are all getting sick. Hopefully everyone will be well soon!

    Those pictures are great! You continue to be in our prayers. I can't even imagine how hard everyday must be. You guys are amazing people. Your family is adorable.

  3. I love the matching PJ's!!!

    Having the stomach bug is the WORST! Sorry you all had to go through this!

    You are all still in my thoughts and prayers often! Love and Hugs!!!

  4. I'm with you on laminate floors! They are great! Sorry you have all been sick. Hope everyone is feeling better now. Pics are precious! Continue to think of you and lift you all in prayer! You are all such an inspiration to me and I know many many more! Love you!

  5. Such precious photos! I hope you are all feeling better soon!!

  6. Our family rotated the puking bug, one at a time, for 11 days over the Christmas holidays....YUK! Glad to hear yours was a ittle quicker!!

  7. Hope everyone is feeling tip top soon! The memorial video of Emmas sweet life was beautiful, and precious. I think of your family everyday.

  8. I hope everyone is feeling better soon! Those matching pj's are too cute!

  9. Sorry you all had the yukky bug. The one good thing is that you had it at the same time and recovered quickly.
    The pictures were so precious.
    Your family is always in my heart and thougths and prayers,
    Love and hugs and prayers,


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