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Monday, February 1, 2010

A Race Well Run

March 1, 2006 - February 1, 2010
Thighs aching. Lungs burning.
Chest pressed against the Finish Line tape.
Ears ringing as fans packed 1,000 deep on each side of the course chant:
"Em-ma! Em-ma! Em-ma!
Em-ma! Em-ma! Em-ma!"

A single tear falls down her face as the finish line tape snaps against the push of her chest.
The noise of the crowd dies out.
Her legs no longer hurt. She breaths normally.
She walks slowly forward.
And opens her eyes!
She gazes around at a serene white landscape. All is quiet.

A loving gentleman in a flowing white gown runs gently to her.
They embrace. His hands leave small specs of blood on her back.
He says, "You were missed, welcome home".
She says, "I wasn't gone that long, and besides, we spoke every day".

They walk towards the Throne hand in hand,
He walking, she skipping.
Under the seriphems they go, listening to their eternal songs.
And on her face she falls as her entire soul sings out praises to God.

With a thunderous boom the voice of the Creator calls her by name: "Emma".
She is saturated by the sound. She cannot answer.
She wants to sing praises. She wants to dance. She cannot move.
She feels His warm breath on the nap of her neck and hopes to spend eternity there.

He again speaks and His voice drowns out the praises of the seraphim's: "Emma".
She can't speak, but He knows her soul is listening.
And He says, "You really knocked their socks off, kiddo".
Emma giggles, "Yes LORD, we did".

"Good job".
A simple vision from the forever grateful and until we meet again,

Daddy and Mommy


  1. My heart is heavy for your family, but Heaven has a beautiful angel who is finally free. Her chains are broken. She has made more of an impact on me than I could have ever imagined, and I thank you for sharing your journey with us. God bless you.

  2. My heart aches and rejoices for sweet Emma and your family. Though we've never met, I've followed your story for a while now. May God's grace and love continue to comfort and strengthen you.

  3. What a beautiful ending to an amazing race. Emma has my heart strings for sure. I am bawling, and I am torn between so happy for sweet Emma and so heartbroken for your family.

    May you all continue with grace and strength in these impossible times.

  4. A race well run little one..... Till we meet in heaven hugs & kisses.

  5. Kelvin & Christy and family,
    Our hearts breaks for your loss but mixed with that emotion is a sense of joy for sweet Emma has won the race. We will contine to pray for you guys as we know the sadness will linger on forever.
    Cody & Jenny Royer

  6. What a testimony. Thank you for sharing Emma's journey and God's grace. I'm another "you don't know me," but rest assured, moved by little Emma's impact. To God be the Glory!

  7. I am a fairly new follower of your blog and the valient little Emma (found you through one of the other blogs I follow) and I have been so touched by your story and by Emma's strength and courageous little heart. My heart hurts for you while it rejoices for Emma. What a precious and darling little soul. Thank you Emma for inspiring me to try harder and do better.

  8. What a tribute. Emma is healed. May God hold you tight as your healing journey begins.

  9. I have been checking in every few hours for days and you guys have done an absolutely amazing job keeping everyone posted. My heart hurts and I am filled with sadness that she is gone but what an incredible and indelible impact she has left in this world- I feel blessed to have known her and held her in my arms.

  10. My heart aches for your family and at the same time rejoices for Princess Emma. What an inspiration you have been throughout this "marathon". Many prayers and hugs coming your way

  11. Christy, Kelvin, Carliegh, Luke and Cora,

    Even as our hearts break at the loss of beautiful Emma, we are so grateful to know that she is finally resting in the arms of her Daddy in Heaven. She has fought a courageous battle and she knew that every step of the way, she was being cheered on by her loving parents and siblings...and countless of others who have lifted her name up to God. We thank you for being strong and thoughtful enough to share her story with the world...allowing her to touch the lives of thousands. We continue to lift your family up to the Lord, asking Him to continue to give you strength, patience, understanding, peace and endurance.

    We have constantly been amazed at the grace you have exhibited during this long storm and know that God has grown and touched many people through Emma...and will continue to do with her up there with Him, watching, listening, rejoicing and dancing as she finally gets to witness those she has touched and who have grown closer to God through her wonderful and awe-inspiring life.

    In Christ's Love,
    Will, Angie, Spencer and Zander Repman

  12. 13Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope. 14We believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. 15According to the Lord's own word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left till the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep. 16For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.

    1 Thessalonians 4

    Well done, sweet Emma. Not even four years PACKED with LEGACY.

    You chose to LOVE,
    You pointed to HIM enough,
    You made a MARK on things,
    You left that kind of LEGACY.

    Karleigh, Luke and even baby Cora, YOU are AMAZING! Kelvin and Christy, YOU challenge me inincredible ways.
    Praying for your sweet family.

  13. What an amazing, beautiful little girl. What an amazing & wonderful family. Thank you with all my heart for sharing Emma's journey with us. Her life has impacted so many.

    May God continue watching over your family. Emma is no longer suffering.

    God Bless you all.

  14. God bless your precious family. That was such a beautiful post....I could picture every moment. May the Lord comfort you as He holds sweet Emma in His arms. You will be in my prayers.

  15. Thank you for sharing your stories of Emma. I am so happy for her, but ache for her family and friends. Thank you to your family for challenging me to be a better wife, mother, and person. God bless you all-

  16. My heart broke and I cried when I found out Emma really touched my heart she was and still is a perfect angel she did more then what grown-ups ever did she touched everyones heart she will be watching over her mommy and daddy and she will be waiting for you in that beautiful place where she is. You and Emma will be in my heart and prayers When you look in the sky now that your baby girl is smiling down on you.

  17. Emma ran a great race. My heart is hurting for ya'll right now, but Emma is finally free. Free to run like a child should do. She has become the most beautiful angel tonight. Know that ya'll are still in my prayers.

  18. My heart is completely broken. I'm sorry for your tremendous loss but know that God has gained an angel.

  19. Dear sweet Emma, you are rejoicing in Heaven now and praising our precious Savior. You ran an amazing race and made it to the glorious finish line. Your story will forever be in my heart. ~Christy, Kelvin and family:
    thank you for sharing Emma's story with friends, family, and, like me, a recent follower of your blog. You have shown so much love, strength and grace in the stories you shared about her and I am honored to have had the opportunity to know her through your words. I will continue to pray for peace and strength during this difficult time. May God pour out and cover you with love and comfort.

    In Him,
    Jaime Richards-Grigsby

  20. Her chains are gone, she's been set free...what an awesome sight in the arms of our Lord. Thank you for sharing Little Emma's story with so many. She has touched a multitude of lives in the past two weeks...what a legacy! God bless each of are in our thoughts and prayers!
    Chad, Donna, Rylee, and Brock Billeaud

  21. You spoke of strength earlier today in one of your posts.... I want you to know, Kelvin and Christy, that you are absolutely two of strongest people I have ever known......the faith and strength you have shown in the hardest of times outshines the faith and strength of so many on any given day. My heart is breaking for your family at this time, but I'm also so thankful Emma is no longer in excruciating pain. What a blessing she has been to so many who have never even met her....what courage she has shown.....what an impact she has made. My prayer tonight remains the same.....that God continue to wrap His arms around your family and hold you close, comforting you and continuing to grace you with strength, faith, and much, much love.
    Melissa Gallender Contreras

  22. Emma, what a beautiful name for such a precious new angel! We are going to cry several times on the loss of Emma, but in our hearts we all know that she is in an amazing place! You letter to Emma was beautiful and very well written. You all are in my thoughts and prayers every minute of the day. I will continue to pray for you both. Parents never forget their childrens beautiful smiles and laughters. Hold on to Emma's laughter and smiles, this will get you through each and every day. My mom has always told me that time will heal all pain and sadness. I pray that time heals this for you both.
    Love and Hugs, Darla Burton

  23. Dear Christy and Kelvin,

    It's interesting, I was in the middle of posting my first comment here when I got "the" call. I have been SO incredibly honored to have been able to witness what an extraordinary amount of strength, courage, wisdom and tender loving care you have both so abundantly bestowed upon not only Emma but your other children as well. You did an OUTSTANDING job ushering your precious baby into the arms of our Father! Kelvin and Christy, so many attributes of our Lord have been revealed to me as I have watched you care for Emma. I want you to know there has never been a patient, a family touch me as deeply or as eternally as Emma and your entire family has. The mark on my emotional and spiritual heart will remain for all eternity. I am truly honored and extremely humbled to have shared these sacred moments with you. Love Always

  24. My prayers have been with your family and little Emma and they continue to be there. No more suffering. She is an angel in heaven. What a gift. My thoughts are with all of you as you continue on this journey. You both are an inspiration and I will never forget little Emma. She has changed so many lives in her time with us. Be strong.


  25. What a ran Sweet Miss Emma ran. May God hold y'all close and tight during this time. Love and admire y'all very much.

    With many many prayers.

  26. i love you guys, everyday ive loved reading what a trooper emma has been. how strong your family has been. God is a wonderful God and he will get you family through this. i will still pray for you and your family dailey. I am so happy that god has finally called his daughter up. But its broken for yall.

  27. I have read your angel's story and I want to say how touched I am by her story and what a blessing it is to read it. My words cannot begin to express the pain I know you are feeling. But God can:
    "Then the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: "Death has been swallowed up in victory." (1 Corinthians 15:54)
    Your daughter is seeing victory today! May God comfort you as you mourn!
    Your sister in Christ,

  28. A race well run, Sweet Emma. God sure knew what He was doing when He sent you here.

  29. Rigo and Brandi ContrerasFebruary 1, 2010 at 10:02 PM

    Praise God that Emma is now with her eternal Father and that she has a new body! Bless that child's heart! As I sit here and cry, I realize that my tears are not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy for sweet, precious Emma! Christy and Kelvin, I cannot fathom what you have been through these last two years, but I can only imagine that there is sorrow, but great joy knowing that your precious little one is no longer in any pain. Please know that we are praying for you always. Blessings to you always.

    Rigo and Brandi Contreras

  30. Kelvin and Christy,
    My heart aches for you; yet I rejoice that precious Emma is no longer in pain. Her short life here on Earth has impacted many, many people in so many ways. I feel very blessed to have been a small part of her life. Though I was called teacher, it was sweet Emma who taught me so much. Thank you for sharing your darling daughter and her journey.
    You all are always in my prayers.
    Love and hugs ♥
    Ms Becky

  31. To have been in my prayers since I read your story and I know now God has a beautiful little angel. To her family, my heart is heavy for your loss and I pray for you to have the strength to get through this most difficult time. God bless you. The Moreno's.

  32. Praying for you and your family. I pray that God will hold you all close in His arms and walk with you through this.

  33. And what a race this sweet young child ran! She has touched my life in the short time I've been following her story. My heart aches for your family, and I pray that He comforts you until you meet Emma again.

  34. I am so sorry you had to join this club that we are both now members of! It is not a club any parent wants to belong to, but we know our babies are in heaven playing together with Jesus, and what better playmate for our babies than JESUS!! My heart is broken for yall right now. I know that tonight and the next few days are going to be so hard for you, but you are not alone and now more than ever lean on each other, your babies, family and friends and most of all God! I love yall and I am here for you. May God comfort you with His peace and love.

  35. you know what i just thought about... Emma has been blind for 18 months. A few hours ago she opened her eyes and the first thing she saw in 18 months was Jesus!! How cool is that??!!!!

    May God comfort you and wrap His loving arms around you during this difficult time!!!


  36. I consider it an honor to know you as friends. You may feel weak, but you both have shown God's strength through your lives. He has been carrying you and will continue to do so. The One who never sleeps and the One who sees each tear and hears every prayer is holding you in His arms. I pray the peace that passes all understanding.

    Emma has set the bar high for some us Christians who have sight, hearing, feet, hands, and voice, but do nothing. Yet she accomplished so much without saying a word.

    We love you,
    Adrien and Asha Kenebrew

  37. No words. Except, I love you guys.


  38. My prayers have been with you, and as a mom I cried out for a healing here on earth. I know that your heart ached to see your child in pain and no way make it better. I can only imagin the different and conflicting emotions you must be feeling now and in time to come. Yet with every word you type I see God's hand on you and know that you will be fine. Thank you so much for keeping people you don't even know posted on your marathon runner. The beauty of your words points to the beauty she is seeing now. My heart aches with you and rejoices as well. You have done a wonderful job sharing her with the world for His glory. Thank you again for sharing...

  39. I have no words to describe what I am feeling right now. My heart aches but yet I rejoice! And I don't even know you or precious Emma, but feel as if I do. I guess that's normal, we are after all, part of the same family, we children of the King!! I am continuing to pray for you and your children as you mourn, celebrate, question, witness and go on living. I pray God's most extreme comfort and peace to be with you, dear ones! And to Emma, I'm so glad I knew of you, little princess!!

  40. I cannot imagine your pain, but can keep you in my prayers. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time. Fly High Em.

  41. What a strange sense of sorrow and joy you must feeling tonight...My heart, prayers, and love go out to you. Your blog has been a source of inspiration and a daily reminder to keep things in perspective. Thank you for sharing little Emma's life with us. Her "hugs" have touched thousands and will continue to give comfort to many, many more.
    ~Julie (Riley) Jannise

  42. I am so sorry for your loss, but just remember what Emma has gained...what we all strive for, to live in eternity with Jesus Christ. Emma and your family have been such an inspiration to so many. I agree that she has made me want to be a better mother to my children. Both of you are poets when writing about Emma. It has been a beautiful story and life. May God continue to watch over and comfort you in the coming days.

  43. Our hearts are so very heavy for all of you . . . may the Lord's unfailing mercy, grace and love continue to act as a balm, soothing your hearts -- undoubtedly wounded until your assured reunion.

  44. emma was a beautiful soul....though i didnt know her personally i feel like i knew her by just your blog writing and all the stories others have written about her...
    i pray for comfort for you and your family and just know when you think your the only one thinking of her in the days to come...know that we all are too....she will be very hard to ever forget! what a strong and beautiful both should be so proud!
    again god bless you all!!

  45. As you now begin your own marathon...I pray for His perserverance to run the race that has been laid out for you, with a special angel cheering you on from the finish line.

  46. Emma is now over the rainbow where she can taste the lemon drops. I can assure you that this beautiful child has touched more lives in her 3 years and 11 months on this earth than a man of 100 years. My sister who has a son fighting cancer ws able to see how much she is truely blessed through Emma's story. I replied to her " That is part of the miracle of her life." I will never forget this day or Emma. One day all of our races will be over. God bless you.

  47. Kelvin and Christy you both have challenged me in my walk with God. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Everytime you look to the sky and feel a soft breeze across your face...know that it is Precious Emma blowing you kisses and hugs. Your story of Emma and your faith and walk with God will always be in my thoughts and my heart. You are truly blessed my friend.


  48. Kelvin and Christy you may not know me by name but our paths have crossed many times over the past few years at Second. I want to let you know how much you and your daughter have touched my life. I have a whole new trust in the Lord after hearing story and following your blog. Please know that you and your precious children are in my thoughts and prayers.

  49. I am yet another "don't know you" but I found your blog last week and have been reading it everyday. I am so sorry for your loss. Words cannot express the sorrow my heart feels. I am sobbing. What an amazing little girl. I am glad Jesus will take care of her now. Thank you for sharing your story with us all. God Bless you all. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Lots of love your way.

  50. God gave you your daughter
    For such a little while;
    He put a bit of heaven
    In the sunshine of her smile.
    He took dust from
    The brightest twinkling stars
    And made her sparkling eyes;
    And now, she's gone back home to God,
    To play up in the skies.

    And though she left so quickly
    That your hearts are grieved and sad,
    We know she lives with God
    And her small heart is glad.

    And though your precious darling
    Was just a rosebud small;
    She'll bloom in all her beauty
    On the other side of the wall.

  51. I have not followed your blog, but was asked to keep your family in my prayers by a dear friend of yours (Asha). Im very sadden for your loss, but greatful that she is in a better place. May god bless you and your family through this time. I will keep you in my prayers, once again, May God Bless You!

  52. My thoughts and prayers are with in peace sweet Emma.

  53. What a beautiful girl. Sending you peace and light.


  54. My heart is with you all tonight. Thank you for letting us be a part of Emma's life.

    Love and prayers,

  55. Our hearts are broken for your family, but we will continue to pray for God's amazing strength to carry you all through this! Emma is now running and seeing ALL of Heavens beauty! God Bless You ALL! The Garza Family

  56. As the mother of a child with a progressive disease, I have watched your journey with awe. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, heartbreaking journey. Thank you for allowing strangers into the intimate world of life and death. In the few days I knew Emma, through your words, I fell in love with her.

    May she walk without pain, without falling, may she watch over her brother and sisters and may you all find peace.

    She will wait for you.


  57. Tears flow as I think I will no longer get to hold Emma again on this earth. I will miss her a great deal. She touched my heart. She reminded me what love, strength and courage is all about. See you again in heaven, Emma. You then can be my runway model again. Love you. Love all of you. God bless. Love, Ms. Suzie

  58. Christy,I also lost a child and I know the pain. But I will tell you that in the days ahead you will feel the arms of God wrapped around you so tight and the Comforter will be your sustainer. Also God is going to use you so greatly to minister to others who are hurting. It's amazing what we learn when we know Him in the fellowship of His sufferings.There are only a chosen few that God will entrust certain things to and you and Kelvin are one of those few.Everything in you has been through the fire and you have come out as pure gold. Your angel is in heaven just waiting to see you again where there is no more pain. Praise Him!
    My heart goes out to you too Evelyn. I see where Christy's heritage of faith came from. I love you, Anita Childress

  59. Kelvin & Christy,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Carliegh, Luke, and Cora. Even though our hearts ache with such sadness, we rejoice that little Emma has completed her race and is home now with her heavenly daddy. Your faith, courage, and strength have been an inspiration to us all. What an amazing impact Emma has made on so many in such a short time! God bless you.

    Don & Janice Romaine

  60. Words are never enough. Here is a link for a song that says alot.

  61. I picture Emma sitting on the lap of Jesus, telling Him about her wonderful family, and asking Him when she will be able to see them again. He answers, "Look! There they are right behind you. See them there on the street of gold! You see Emma, a thousand years on earth is only a day in eternity. That way no one will have time to miss their loved ones, because they will only be minutes behind them. You might say heaven is in a different time-zone, but I'll explain all of that later".
    "Go ahead now, run to them! They are looking for you. I hear them calling your name."

    (cf. Ps.90:4, 2Pet.3:8)

    What an awesome reunion there will be in just a minute or two!

    Those who trust in the Lord will not be disappointed. He has thought of everything! He loves His children...
    (Rom. 8:37-39)

    and we love you too!
    The Wheelers

  62. What an honor it was to be part of the crowd cheering Emma on to the finish line! It's such a conflict when your head knows she is in heaven free of pain and suffering yet your heart aches. God will see you through this too! Thank you so much for sharing Emma's journey with us! I will continue to hold your family up in prayer!
    God Bless You, Cindy Wages

  63. Emma, you were perfect and you reminded us all of the truly important things in your too short of a life. Many hearts are broken now, but like you they will heal and someday, like you, will be made whole again.

    Christy, Kelvin, Carliegh, Luke and Cora, how sorry I am for the unbearable heartache you are going through. My you find peace knowing Emma will never be far away from you.

  64. My Heart goes out to you and your Family. I would like to say what wonderful Parents you both are on what you have gone through with Emma's illness and keeping your Family afloat.I like many wish you all the strength during this time.I know she is in a Place that we all will be in sometime later and I know she is being looked after by her wonderful Pawpaw and Aunt. May God keep his Hands on your shoulders to guide you both.

  65. Praying for your family.May God wrap his arms of comfort and love around you all.My heart aches for you.

  66. Praising God and His infinite mercies. Until you see your precious girl again, take refuge in His unending love....

  67. "A Race Well Run" is such a great title. Though we do not know eachother personally, I have felt a strong spiritual attachment to your family as I read the latest blogs you posted. I was made aware of this situation via a facebook posting from one of my old school friends, Sarah Jackson.

    In March 2008 I lost my beautiful baby sister at age 19. She had many symptoms that you described of Emma, with the difficulty swollowing, breathing, etc. Elizabeth fought her battle fo 19 years, without the ability to do those things, speak, or comprehend to learn sign language.

    My heart very sincerely goes out to your family for this recent loss, but you MUST remember that your sweet girl is covered by the Grace and she is in a much better place awaiting our arrival.

    I want to share a prayer with you that my Mother prayed with all of us everynight and we recited at Elizabeth's homegoing :"May the Lord bless and keep you; May the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace."

    Forgive me for being so long winded, but before I sign off, I'd like to leave you with this as a fellow believer: To know Jesus Christ, takes all the uncertainty of death away. We are as Paul says, not as those who have no hope. Death has no advantage over the child of God. When the "bee" of death stung our Lord at Calvary, the stinger stayed in Him - it cannot harm us. He conquered not only death, but the grip of grief that would lay claim to us.

    Emma, my prayer is that you and "Sissy" know one another in that beautiful place. You girls can play, dance, and sing together, with nobody telling you to stop! Dance on girls....Dance on.

    -Cameron Edwards

  68. The glory being given to Christ through your daughter is awesome.
    I will be praying for your family. And I cannot wait to meet sweet Emma one day in heaven.

    Becky (Iowa)

  69. Christy and Kelvin,
    My heart aches and yet rejoices at Emma's complete healing. I wish I had words to express my joy and sadness. Sadness because of the world missing out on such a special little girl, yet joy in knowing her relief and excitement in where she is today. I love you guys! May God carry you through these next hours, days, weeks and months.
    Love Linda C

  70. Emma, is free now. The heavens have gained a beautiful angel. No, wings have ever been more desevered than those of Emma's . I am utterly amazed.
    For you her parents, I can almost feel your heartbreak. I am praying for peace and healing for you.
    Atlantic Canada

  71. A beautifully written story...but it brings tears to my eyes as I think of how much you must miss your sweet daughter. I stopped over from Kristin's blog just to say I'll be praying for you.

  72. Our family is so deeply saddened by this news, but at the same time very proud that God chose such a special little girl to carry such heavy wings.Emma is healed now... :) Prayer prayer and more prayers are with you today from a very supportive Baytown Texas.

  73. You made it Emma! Good job, kiddo! So many will miss you, and we pray God's comfort on them. We know you are having a blast with your Savior in heaven with a brand new body today! Much love, from Laurie in Pennsylvania

  74. I am heartbroken for all who loved Emma in this life, because I know too well the road ahead. Thank you for taking the time to share that beautiful vision with us who only read from afar. I like to think that my little man was waiting there, too, with all the many children we know who have joined him, praising God and welcoming your sweet girl to her new home, healed and whole. Prayers and hugs to your family, from ours...

  75. Hey guys: my heart is aching but my spirit is rejoicing with y'all and Emma as she has finally made it home. This little bundle of sweetness acheived so much more than most grown adults will ever in an entire lifetime acheive! You know down deep in your soul that God knitted together THE most perfect, precious, beautiful children that only HE could create when He blessed our lives with a child and boy did Emma score with you two! I could only hope to be the parents you have been to sweet Emma as you made this journey with her! You are amazing! May you all rest and somehow find the strength to push on until you meet again!
    Thank you for sharing your Emma with the world
    ~Lori Isaacks

  76. I am in awe of the legacy such a tiny little angel has created. She marches on feet that inspire, encourage and that remind us how to love. What you have given us, as a family, cannot be bought. We are thankful for your wisdom and devotion. We are all better people for having "known" Emma in this world. An entire community stands behind you in faith, praying for your continued strength and peace.
    ~Vanessa Wiegand

  77. Tough little Emma, You made it! You ran a tough and beautiful race sweet girl! We are all so proud of you and your wonderful family!

    My heart is so sad for your family, yet I am rejoicing for sweet Emma! I pray that God gives your family continued grace, peace, strength and love!

    Thanks for sharing your sweet girl with us! Thanks for the inspiration you and she provided so many! Emma's legacy will live on! Her life was full of great purpose! And, so is yours!

    Lots of Love, Hugs and Prayers being sent your way!!!!!

  78. And though my heart is heavy, I know that she is in Heaven looking down on you, watching over you. She is your very gardian angel and what a wonderful honor to be one of God's Angels. I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. In this time of need, remember that you have family and friends to lean on. Your support system is very large I can see by all the posts that have been going over FB for the past few weeks. Call on them to be a shoulder to cry on.

  79. I'm so truly sorry for your family. But thankful to know that she is no longer in pain and is with our heavenly father. Your strength and faith and love for God is truly amazing and inspiring. I pray that God continues to comfort you and be with you always.

  80. Dear Family,
    I have no words but to tell you that we have been praying and will continue to pray for you. Lamentations 3:21-24
    Kristin Duke, FBC Mauriceville

  81. So here's my thought:

    God: "My Little Emma, what did you do with what I gave you?"

    Emma: "I reached thousands without ever opening my mouth!"

    God: "Well done good and faithful servant! Now, let me show you your mansion...over this way is your Pawtaw - Oh, he's been waiting to hold you...and on this side is your Aunt Lori, you're gonna LOVE her! These other spaces are for the rest of your family...they'll be here shortly. Now, before we do anything else...LET'S RACE!"

    Much love to you,

  82. You have heard this a million times and will hear it a million more...Emma (and you both) have changed lives.
    My friends have been emailing me this morning letting me know how Emma's life has changed them. Most of them have only been reading her BLOG for a short time and they feel deeply changed...they desire to live their lives be appreciative, to love harder and to worship more. You are so loved sweet Emma.

  83. Enjoy Heaven Emma. I look forward to meeting you there one day. My prayers are with your family.

  84. Kelvin, you have always been my favorite nephew and you always will be no matter what. The Lord has given you a beautiful blessing in Christy and all your beautiful children. Your Emma, the sweet angel that she is, has also touched my heart with so many others. Thank you, Emma, thank you.

  85. I have such a peace knowing that Emma is with God and knowing she will be there waiting to great us all someday with a huge grin and giggle. My heart breaks for your family but I want to make sure you know how much your family has impacted lives. I have visited many sick children over the past 8 years but your family captured my heart like no other. Your faith, strength and love are incredible. Thank you for allowing me to come into your lives at this time.
    Love you all,

  86. Such an amazing race. Sweet Emma, its been an honor watching you grow, seeing your smile, and thinking of you as you finish this race. My heart breaks for your parents. You are on my heart.
    Bless you.
    Love you.

  87. Emma is singing with the angels today! My heart just aches for you. My granddaughter has Battens and I hope that we will be as strong as you have been through this whole race. Thank you for sharing your story with everyone. May God give you His peace and comfort.

    Fly high Emma!

    Monica (Missouri)

  88. Kelvin and Christy,
    Our heart aches for you this morning but rejoices for Emma. It is amazing to see the incredible work God has done through such a tiny girl. Thank you for sharing her journey with all of us.
    Emma's will and determination and your faith and strength as parents will be forever marked on our hearts. We pray that you all find rest and comfort in the Lord during this time.
    Richard, Aleesa, and Matthew Lewis

  89. Praise the Lord she is home.... Praise the Lord she is healed! My heart is so heavy for you both.... You both will continue to be in my prayers as you journey down this road to healing. Bless her heart... and now she has heard, well done my good and faithful servant... enter into the kingdom of Heaven! Oh happy my heart for she is dancing on the streets of gold in the presence of her maker! Emma's eyes have seen Jesus, how wonderful that is!!!!! Love to you both!

  90. Christy and family, I've been praying for days and I will continue to do so. I pray for peace and strength for your family, peace and strength like Emma has now safe in the arms of her heavenly Father. Like so many have already posted, my heart aches for your loss but rejoices for Emma's soul. She touched so many lives and I'm positive she will continue to do so.

  91. God sent an angel from above and gavim her a special task. When she had completed it, god took her home to Heaven...... free at last. Emma is free from the pain of this world, the pain that a child cannot mask. God himself wept for Emma until he took her home to Heaven...... free at last! What was Emmas's purpose? you wonder, why was she here? you ask. God had her here to teach us love, then he took her home to Heaven..... free at last. Love is not what we think it is, it doesn't leave when our time is past. Emma loved many while she was here. Now she is sharing it with God in at last! Emma can say words that she wanted to say, that were held captive in the heart she had. "Mommy and Daddy, I love you", she is whispering. She is giggling about her sisters in brother to god and the angels...... Free at last! She is hopping, skippingm eating, clapping and running really, really fast, all across streets mad of Gold. Up in Heaven where she is..... free at last!

  92. God saw that she was getting tired
    And the cure was not to be,
    So he put his arms around her
    and whispered, "Come with Me".
    With tearful eyes we watched her suffer
    and saw her fade away.
    Although we loved her dearly, we could not make her stay.
    A golden heart stopped beating, Busy little hands to rest. God broker our hearts to prove to us, he only takes the best. It's lonesome here without you We miss you so each day, our lives aren't the same since you went away. When days are sad and lonely, and evedrything goes wrong, we seem to hear you whisper, "Cheer up and carry on". each time we see your picture, you seem to smile and say, "Don't cry, i"m in God's keeping, We'll meet again someday".

    Emma's is in her kingdom and in her Grandpa and and Lori's sweet embrace!

  93. My heart aches for you. I'm praying for your family.

  94. My heart breaks for your family. I read this last night and could not hold back my tears. I have only followed your blog for about 2 weeks and can not even describe the impact of how Emma has touched my heart. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers and I like to think of this quote I was once told..."If God brings you to it, he will get you through it" it may be cheesy but that is what I like to think. God chose YOU and your sweet ANGELic daughter to carry out a mission and she did...she brought awareness to Battens disease and brought together a whole family of bloggers who are touvhed by little Emma.
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


  95. Thinking of you and praying often!!!

    "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing." 2 Timothy 4:7-8

    LOVE and HUGS!!!

  96. Thank you Emma, You story has touched my heart. Thank you Emma for showing us the glory of God. May you run free with the Angels now. May God heal your family and Praise him through the storm..

  97. You will never know how your story has touched my heart. I am heartbroken for your family, and I am amazed at your faith in the Lord. Little Emma has touched countless lives, and your blog has been such an inspiration to me & to everyone who has read it. I will continue to pray for all of you. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with all of us!

  98. Daddy, please don't look so sad.
    Mommy, please don't cry,
    Cause I am in the arms of Jesus,
    And He sings me lullabies.
    Please try not to question God.
    Don't think He was unkind.
    Don't think that He sent me to you
    And then just changed His mind.
    You see, I am a special child,
    And I am needed up above.
    I'm the special gift He gave you,
    The product of your love.
    I'll always be there with you.
    Watch the sky at night.
    Find the brightest star that's gleaming,
    That's my halo's brilliant light.
    You'll see me in the morning frost
    That mists your windowpane.
    That's me in the summer showers,
    I'll be dancing in the rain.
    When you feel a gentle breeze
    From a gentle wind that blows,
    That's me, I'll be there,
    Planting a kiss on your nose.
    When you see a child playing
    And your heart feels a little tug,
    That's me, I'll be there giving your heart a hug.
    So, Daddy, please don't look so sad.
    And, Mommy, don't you cry.
    I'm in the arms of Jesus,
    And He sings me lullabies.

    Author Unknown

  99. Celebrating going home to be with our sweet Jesus, Emma seeing all God has prepared for her, but still leaves our hearts hurting , but will just be for a little while and you will meet again , praying for your family.

  100. Kelvin, Christy, Carleigh, Luke and Cora,

    Our hearts are heavy for your entire family but we know that Emma is finally free of pain and suffering. She is now getting to do all the things that she so desired to do. There is a beautiful angel in Heaven looking down on all of us today.

    Please, Please call on us if there is anything at all we can matter how big or small.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and the days to come.

    Ronnie and Jo Beth

  101. Although I only met Emma yesterday, my heart is grieving the loss of your sweet little girl. What a blessing to read your story and see the strength you have through the Lord. Thank you for sharing and allowing God's glory to shine. And, reminding me to hug my little ones a little tighter. Praying for God's love and comfort to flow over your family.
    Mandy (Iowa)

  102. Heaven's Playground
    by Suzanne McClendon

    Precious angel sent to earth,
    Did they tell you of your worth?
    More than diamonds, rubies or gold,
    Only you do I want to hold.
    So perfect your beauty as I look into your eyes
    That gentle reflection of angels in the skies.
    Each day you grew inside me, so big and so strong,
    But your time here with me was not to be long.
    Oh how my heart aches as I have to say goodbye,
    As I let you go back to play in the sky.

  103. To My Mother

    I see you each time you shed a tear,
    I catch it and kiss you, I hope that you know that I'm near.
    This place is so beautiful, There's so much to see!
    I know that someday you'll be here with me.
    The angels were singing when I arrived!
    Jesus was there with His arms open wide!
    The snow and the rain are just my confetti.
    I know you'll be coming and I want to be ready.
    When you feel the wind, it's me walking by.
    I can run and skip now, I can even fly!
    When the blossoms and leaves fall into your hair,
    It's me planting kisses, yes, I put them there!
    The birds are singing to keep you company,
    They're especially for you with love from me.
    I know that you miss me and feel so alone,
    Until the great day when you finally come home
    Please remember as the seasons change from one to another,
    I'll always love you. You're my friend and my mother.

  104. I came across your blog today by accident. And I have been sitting here, reading for over 1 hour, tears streaming down my face. My little 3-year old son on my lap, hugging my tightly because he does not understand why mommy is crying uncontrollably. Handing me his beloved bear, one he never goes without, his blanket of comfort. Right now my blanket of comfort...
    I am so moved by your stories, by Emma's life, by her amazing race all the way to the end. Inspired! Moved! Heartbroken! And joyous for her to be free at last!
    You have written an unbelieveable tribute to your daughter who now sings with the angels! Thank you for sharing your / HER story with all of us!
    And may HE comfort you through your times of sorrow and grievance!

  105. A song from Mercy Me - Spoken for

    Take this world from me
    I don't need it anymore
    I am finally free
    My heart is spoken for

    Oh and I praise you
    Oh and I worship you...

    Covered by your love divine
    Child of the risen Lord
    To hear you say "This one's mine"
    My heart is spoken for

    Now I have a peace
    I've never known before
    I find myself complete
    My heart is spoken for

    Oh and I praise you
    Oh and I worship you...

    Covered by your love divine
    Child of the risen Lord
    To hear you say "This one's mine"
    My heart is spoken for

    By the power of the cross
    You've taken what was lost
    And made it fully yours
    And I have been redeemed
    By you that spoke to me
    Now I am spoken for

    Covered by your love divine
    Child of the risen Lord
    To hear you say "This one's mine"
    My heart is spoken for

    Take this world from me
    Don't need it anymore...

  106. Christy,
    I am heartbroken for your family. I cannot imagine the depth of your pain. However, I pray you find comfort and peace in knowing that God has reached countless people through your trial and Emma's life. I cannot express how deeply I have been touched by knowing you. I pray for your family numberous times each day. May God's comfort sustain you and Kelvin during this difficult time.

  107. Christy & Kelvin,
    I know in one of the earlier post Christy spoke of not feeling strong but gosh, I have gotten so much strength and wisdom from reading and followoing Emma's race to the finish line. You two are very special to have been able to open up and share some of the most hardest of times in your lives. Knowing you two but not ever getting to meet Miss Emma, I know she is a very special Angel in heaven who carries more love than anyone can ever know. Thank you both for sharing your lives and stories with us all. It has made me and many others want to strive to be better everyday. You all have inspired so many with every tender word. May God bless you with all the strength, and love to get you through these difficult days. We will contiue to pray for all of you.
    Love you all,
    LaNoi Simpson Turner and Family

  108. As I sit here crying I have to say we will miss you Emma, but are so happy for you to be with the Lord! What a precious little girl! Thank you for sharing her story with all of us!!! We will continue to pray for you all!

  109. To God in Trust
    We’ve been praying for healing, to see once again
    The miracles You do with the touch of Your hand.
    Like roses which break through the snow in the spring
    And melodies you’ve taught the songbirds to sing.
    We know with Your touch lives are changed everyday,
    And because we have faith, we continued to pray.
    “Heal Emma’s body, let her run once again!
    Let her sing, let her dance, let her play with her friends!”
    But, God, though you heard us, you had different plans
    And lives have been touched all over this land.
    Through Christy and Kelvin, our faith’s been renewed;
    Their total dependence has been just on You.
    You’ve lovingly guided with mercy and grace,
    Now with Heavenly healing, Emma looks on Your face.
    We’re sure Heaven’s brighter with the glow from her charm.
    She’s dancing with angels while held in Your arms.
    The illness she suffered transformed this sweet girl;
    Now along streets of gold there’s a new precious pearl.
    We’ll continue to trust You through even this pain
    ‘Til we meet Emma in Heaven and hug her again.
    Emma’s Hugs will express the love you have shown.
    No greater love has the world ever known.

  110. Little Emma has touched my heart in so many ways, and I have never even met her. I want to be a better mother, wife, daughter, friend, and Christian because of her. She has forever changed my life and I hope I can honor her by sharing her and your story and bring more people to Christ because of it. As I sit here crying for you, my heart is singing praises for her and the race she ran. May God's grace strengthen your family in this time of healing. My prayers will forever be with your family.

  111. I'm so sorry for your loss. Emma is so beautiful and I know she will be dearly missed.

  112. My heart breaks over your loss of your precious Emma, but I rejoice with you that she is with The Father, free of pain and the chains of this earth. How amazing it must be for her today!

    Thank you for sharing Emma's courageous journey and that of your family with us. I truly feel like my life has been changed because of Emma. Your family has taught me much about faith, perseverance, and unconditional love. I imagine Emma is looking down and so amazingly proud of her family!

    You will all remain in my heart and prayers in the upcoming days and months, and Emma will never be forgotten.

  113. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    May God comfort you with the silent presence of Emma's wings gently wrapping around you to let you know she's in the most glorious of places any of us can be.

    God Bless!
    Staci (Tilton) Hemmenway

  114. Christy & Kelvin- I like Cindy Dugat am so heartbroken that you have joined with those of us that have felt such sorrow. Emmma will meet a precious little angel boy named Noah Glen Carter, he will be the one with all the animals. Please tell your parents my heart, prayers and thoughts are with them as well.

    I love you all,
    Noah's Grammie
    Sonya Crowder

  115. One whom I loved has left me
    Her journey was designed to take her past the curtin and I was left behind
    Although the tears still threaten I know my grief will cease
    For I have the Father's promise of comfort and peace
    The needs of my tomorrows are covered in his care and Heaven is much nearer for I have treasure there.

    May God bless you and your family always. Love, The Bernals

  116. My heart aches for you. I have thought about and prayed for you, your family and sweet Emma all day. I cannot begin to imagine your grief and I will continue to hold your family in prayer.

  117. Thank you for sharing your precious Emma and her victorious walk with Jesus and your family so that I could pray for you all. I know God will wrap His loving arms around you all as you travel this new journey without Emma's physical presence. How do people live without the hope of eternal life? What a beautiful post.

  118. My heart just aches with your loss. I have prayed for Emma and your family throughout these past months. Thank you for sharing your thoughts I have been so moved by your messages. Angela Sedlar

  119. May you find the peace and comfort from God during this time. Your work is a testimony and an inspiration to countless others.


  120. Emma has touched my life. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you God for sharing this beautiful child with the world. My family will be lifting ya'll up in prayer. God bless you all and may you find some peace knowing your baby is in the most amazing place with her Creator.

  121. may your faith in God surround and comfort you at this sad time.... Heaven has a beautiful little angel comforted in the memories and the belief thats shes still with you every time you think of her.......and you will again sometime, see her again.

  122. That is beautiful.
    I pray that through your sorrow, you find comfort in that beauty.

  123. The John Bergstresser FamilyFebruary 2, 2010 at 2:41 PM

    Dear Christy and Kelvin,

    We have been so moved by the compassion & love that your family has shown during this extremely difficult time. Emma is a beauty to behold; an absolute treasure! We are so very sorry that you lost your daughter.

  124. Emma is in God's house now and you can rest knowing that she is watching over your family and our community. She was an inspiration to so many of us, especially to parents. As a new mother, your daughter has taught me to never take for granted any moment that you have with your child and to thank God daily for His blessings. I'll be praying for your family.

  125. God bless those little angel babies that touch our lives and get to be with our Lord!
    "And with your final heartbeat
    Kiss the world goodbye
    Then go in peace, and laugh on Glory's side, and
    Fly to Jesus
    Fly to Jesus
    Fly to Jesus and live!"

    The Untitled Hymn song was my family refuge when my niece Hannah passed away at the age of 5. May God bring you a peace that only He can give. Continuing to pray for all of you!!

  126. What an amazing race and an amazing girl who is now with her AMAZING GOD! I rejoice with her in victory, being embraced by Jesus and then skipping down the streets of gold.
    Praying for your family, that God would strengthen and comfort and shield you and fill you with His very presence.
    Thank-you for sharing Emma's life with us. Our walk of faith and outlook on life will never be the same.
    Love and hugs and prayers,

  127. Thank you both. Thank you for reminding me and many, many others of our eternal life with our Father. Thank you for allowing us to pray for you. Your courage in this darkest time will encourage others. You may not have felt very courageous, but those of us following Emma's progress see you both as incredibly courageous. My family prays for yours.

  128. Heaven has been blessed to receive Emma. And Emma is so blessed to have parents such as you. What a sweet way to enter eternity - with your parents whispering lovingly the promises of a heavenly Father who adores her and hymns singing of His love and praise.

    May our Papa wrap you tightly in His arms and catch each tear that falls as He embraces little Emma.

  129. I have been deeply and forever changed by your testimony during Emma's heart-wrenching journey. Please know Emma’s courageous fight against Batten disease has been a catalyst for spiritual growth in my life. I know no amount of time will ever make your hearts the same again. I know you will never ‘get over’ Emma’s death. In time, I know you will learn to live with the memories, the lost hopes, the shattered dreams. My fervent prayer is God will comfort you as only He can...and give you the strength as you learn to live with the pain. In time, I hope your heart will find some comfort knowing Emma will never be forgotten for the power of her life…her spirit…a true sunbeam for HIM.

  130. My heart goes out to you and your family on the loss of your precious daughter Emma. I have followed your blogs since October when my sister asked if we would keep Emma in our prayers. My great niece has infantile battens her fight continues. Thank you for sharing your story with me. God bless you.

  131. My heart aches for you..reading this I had to stop & go to my sons room and kiss him while he is sleeping..he is 2 1/2 years old. I thank God for my children! I have just recently followed your journey with Emma a few weeks ago. The only way to get through this is to do just what you said through JESUS CHRIST. I can see Emma now sitting in the FATHERS lap laughing & playing. I can't stop crying as I type this... There are no words to say.. I will pray for your family & hope healing can begin soon.Your journey is a blessing to many. You don't know me in this world but we are in the same family in Christ. God be with you.. I know HE is. God Bless YOU!

  132. Such a beautiful tribute for a precious child. Emma, a race well run and you are home! Christy and Kelvin, I pray God gives you grace beyond measure. I pray He holds you in His hands and gives you comfort. I pray He gives you strength and peace. For God is who He says He is!! You both are amazing parents with a wonderful story to tell. Just as you are proud of Emma she is proud of you!

  133. I don't know that I'll ever be able to hear the JJ Heller song or Addison Roads 'Hope now' again without thinking of your family and stopping to pray for you guys. please know the prayers won't stop now that your sweet baby Emma has left us all with a big hole in our hearts. My prayers now will be for the love and comfort you've all felt during this time to continue on into the next days, weeks, months and years to come. I pray your new normal when that comes will be filled with happiness, precious memories and joy that only He can give you. Thank you for letting me share this journey with you and for the opportunity to carry some of the grief for you in my heart. May God Bless you all

  134. From yet another "we've never met" person, Emma's blog has inspired me for approximately 6 months now. I had been checking on Emmas race to eternal life several times each day lately. When I had checked this morning before leaving for work, my heart broke into pieces for your family. It erupted into joy in knowing that Emma had won her race!
    You have so eloquently shared Emmas and your own lives with at times, strangers. Thank you so very much.
    On February 1, 2009 Heaven opened it's doors to an Angel who will eternally grow up with Jesus!

    God Bless Your Family

  135. While my heart is so heavy for you, I know (as you obviously do) that I must also rejoice that Emma is with our Lord and Savior. I'm not yet able to rejoice (I lost my husband in September after a 6-wk battle with cancer, so that's a struggle), so I am focusing my prayers to day on thanking God that Emma is healed and that he give your entire family strength and comfort in all the days to come. God bless and keep each of you.

  136. Dear Kelvin, Christy and precious children...I am so very sorry for your tremendous loss. Your faith, love and courage has touched so many lives, as has little angel Emma. God Blessed her with such a fighting spirit, and will continue to Bless your family with the strength needed to endure this time of great sorrow and suffering. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I rejoice in Emma's newfound happiness and love with her Heavenly Father.

    In Jesus name believing...

    Carole Doty (Alicia VanderWall's mother)

  137. I am grieving for the loss of your family, but celebrating heaven's gain of a precious little soul. She ran the race with courage, strength, and finished not according to our understanding but as she and the Lord saw fit. Her life is a tremendous blessing to all who have known her, and known her story.

  138. This is beautiful.... I am so sorry for your loss. Oh. May the Lord give you the strength you need.

  139. I was directed to your blog from my friend Susan who is a friend of yours. I've spent the last 30 minutes reading through it and my heart aching for you. What a beautiful beautiful post this is. I am so sorry for your loss and am praying for you tonight.

  140. This is the most beautiful post. I can't stop my tears... I have quietly followed Emma's story - - and your entire family - - for some time.

    You all have touched my life profoundly with your grace, strength, courage and faith.

    I am so happy for Emma... your poignant post created the most beautiful image of her as she is now. I am heartbroken for you, Christy and Kelvin, and your entire family.

    Thank you for sharing with all of us... I am forever changed by your sweet angel, Emma, and you.
    Holding you so close in our hearts and prayers...

  141. Miss Emma was truly a gift from GOD. Many "hallelujahs" were said when I found she finished her race! I do pray for your family and am thankful that GOD created a sweet and most beautiful angel!! Peace be with you always.

    with respect,
    Jill Painter
    White Hall, IL

  142. From Blue Springs, MO I have read your blog and prayed and been inspired. In "catching up" on my blog reading I was unprepared for what I read. But, because I know the same Jesus...I AM prepared and I am blessed to know others who know and honor Him in their trials.
    Congratulations to an amazing Emma, may my life leave such a profound mark as yours does. To the family my continued prayers. I love you all. Joann Stokes

  143. I have only been folowing for a little while. But my sons birthday and Emma's are so close together and he will be turning 4 also it has hit that place in my heart! I read her story to him and he asked if Emma could be his angel? I told him that Im sure Emma would love to have another little friend. So he sits and plays with her. Our family prays for yours after this loss. But we rejoice because now Emma can see and hear and run and breath!
    Much love from Oklahoma


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