Thursday, April 30, 2009

Round and Round and Round We Go

I've been asking different therapists and searching on the internet for things that would be helpful in keeping Emma's head upright while we are in the car. It looks painful the way her head drops to one side or the other. This morning I met with a carseat specialist from Texas Children's Hospital, and she informed me Emma could be rear-facing up until she is 30 lbs. in her current carseat. We were able to turn it around and tilt it back quite a bit more than we could when she was forward facing, so now her head stays back better. She seemed to be more comfortable after the switcharoo. Her feet are now up too, which is good, because she has poor circulation, and her little toes seem to turn blue if they are down and unsupported for very long.

Just FYI, the new suggested time frame for rear-facing kiddos is 2 years old. The old standard was 20 pounds and one year, but carseat specialists are now saying it's better to keep them rear-facing as long as possible. Yes, the kiddos' legs may be scrunched up, and if you're in a wreck a leg might get broken, but it's better than their head or neck getting broken or worse.

I'll also be chatting with a physical therapist to get her suggestions on keeping Em comfy and head upright in the carseat.

A blast from the past...

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  1. Try this blog: Type car seat into the search bar. Seth's mom is a car seat specialist for lack of a better term and has some great articles on her blog. You could also contact her for additional information. It sounds like you've found a temporary solution, but it's always good to be one step ahead of the game too.
    If you have trouble with the above blog address, go to my blog and Profoundly Seth's link is on the sidebar.


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