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Friday, May 1, 2009

Likes the Bottle and other fun stuff...

Cora likes the bottle! Yippee! This is very good news, because Luke and Emma would have nothing to do with it. Makes it a little difficult to go somewhere without the baby for more than a couple of hours. I am otherwise known as Elsie, the milk cow, so I have several (like 20 or so) bags of milk stored in the freezer for her! I'm so excited!! Cora will probably be like her big sister, Carleigh. Carleigh didn't care where her food source came from, she just wanted to eat...all of the time! She was a chunky monkey. I have a feeling Cora is going to follow the same pattern.

If you've never hopped over to Angie's site, Bring the Rain, you should take the time to read some of her latest posts about her trip to India through Compassion International...very inspiring. Our family began sponsoring a little boy named Carlos during a campaign at our church at Christmas time. Carleigh was sitting by me and picked up the brochure and said, "we need to sponsor him, Mommy." How do you say no to that? So, we didn't say no. I'm glad we didn't. The other day Carleigh was so excited to receive a letter and colored picture from our little guy. She immediately sat down and wrote him a letter and colored him a picture. It was so sweet.

Looking forward to a good weekend. I'm totally psyched about a crawfish boil Kelvin just informed me we were invited to tomorrow evening. YUM-O! Carleigh has a swimming birthday party invitation for tomorrow as well. Can you believe we're already swimming? CUH-RAZY!! Sunday the big kids will receive AWANA awards. I'm so proud of their hard work and their teachers' dedication to helping them succeed. AWANA is a program that teaches them scripture memory. I'm so thankful there are people helping me instill Godly principles in our children.

One of my favorite blogs is Kelly's Korner. She's doing a new thing on her blog where she is encouraging everyone to show each other what our houses look like. Today is the kitchen...

So here are some pictures of mine. Keep in mind, it's a work in progress. In fact we just got a bid for granite countertops. Hee Hee! I can't wait. I have big (well, not that big...more like little plans that make a big difference) plans for our kitchen. I'll be sure to post more updated pictures in the future. But until then, here is our kitchen...

Where the kids always eat...

One of my favorite things (even though they don't have herbs in them, I think they're so cute!)

It's your turn! Please share some pictures of where you live and let me know so I can hop over to your site and check them out. I don't know how to do the Mr. Linky thingy yet, but when I learn, it'll be fun! Have a great weekend!

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