Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just a swingin'

Yesterday evening the big kids were at Grammy and Papa's. Kelvin and I had a great time around the fire chatting while we grilled some red fish. It was gooood! I thought it would be fun for Emma to swing outside a little bit. While she seemed to enjoy it for awhile, her tummy didn't like it too much. She threw up all over herself and the swing. Poor baby...what we thought was a good idea was probably nothing more than a huge wave of motion sickness for her. Mark me down for the Mother of the Year award.

Today is her last day of school for the year. I hope she's well enough to go back next year. I think she really enjoys the hustle and bustle of her energetic toddler class. Her teacher, Mrs. Allison has been a blessing. She loves on Emma the whole time she's there, and basically just holds her all day. The other teachers in her class are precious too. Our little school has a great staff. All the teachers there are incredible.

Today Cora, or #4 as Kelvin sometimes refers to her, is two months old! WOW! She is so sweet. Her little smile is contagious. She is strong too! She's been holding her head up since birth trying to look around to see what's going on, and sister has a pair of lungs on her that reminds everyone she's in the room! She's a blessing.


  1. What precious girls you have!!!

  2. What a beautiful baby!!! Those big eyes are precious.
    You can still have the mother of the year award, I dont think we get points knowcked off when we can only guess what they will enjoy or need. In fact when we have to guess, we should get extra points!

  3. Oh my goodness - exact same story! Same swing, same happy girl (for about 15 minutes), then same sickness... We thought maybe she just ate something that disagreed with her tummy. And we haven't tried the swing again, because it was pretty traumatic for all of us...
    I agree, extra parent points for trying!

  4. I've come to your blog from the Prayers for Little Angels blog.
    1. your family is beautiful
    2. your blog is SUH-WEEET!
    3. i think I'm going to stalking you now, LOL.


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