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Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday! What happened to the weekend? If someone knows how to slow down life , could you let me know the trick? I feel like we are going at mach speeds. I mean really, Cora is already six weeks old, and Carleigh is turning seven in less than a month!

Anyway, it's Not Me! Monday. Either click on the button on the sidebar, or here to go to the creator of Not Me! and find out how you too can join in on the fun. Just for a quick heads up in case you're new to our blog, Not Me! is a blog carnival in which you confess all the things that happened to you or that you did during the week, kind of like cheap therapy, in the form of "it wasn't me!" So, without further ado...

My husband did not give me the most be-yoo-ti-ful bouquet of roses for Mother's Day!

The kids did not make me the most adorable Mother's Day gifts at school and Grammy and Papa's house.

I did not eat crawfish for Mother's Day and enjoy every minute of it! That chocolate and coconut pie did not find itself on my plate for dessert, and the chocolate one certainly did not find itself on my plate a second time. I didn't even mess with the strawberry dessert!

The man of my dreams did not take me on a fabulous date Friday night to one of the best restaurants around, and I did not thoroughly enjoy myself. The food wasn't so delicious I could have licked the plate. And, we couldn't have been totally childless for the date we didn't go on! That would be too good to be true! :)

Emma did not sleep almost through the night every night last week! (She so did, and it was so nice! Yippee for small miracles!)

I'm not totally cracking up as I write this entry because my precious little six week old doll baby is farting like a full grown man! How could something so big come of something so adorable and small anyhow?

Well, I'm sure there is much more I could tell you about, but I have fewer brain cells these days, so I can't remember as much.

Share a comment with me telling me what you "didn't" do! Have a great Monday!
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