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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Emma had a much better night last night. She slept straight through the night until about 6 this morning. No complaining here! Cora still thinks it's a great idea to nurse every hour or less. The little piggy ate so much last night she was starting to spit it up since her tummy was so full. She's gonna be a chunky monkey like her big sister, Carleigh. When we went in for my six week check up after Carleigh was born, my midwife said, "What are you feeding that child? Straight cream!?!" Kelvin used to say she didn't have ankles, she had cankles. The tops of her feet were so chunky I couldn't get shoes on her. She weighed the same at two years old that she weighed at one. Oh well, it's all good. Now I have to buy Carleigh's pants in a slim so they will stay on her little bubble boody! ;) Little bit will get adjusted soon, I'm sure.

Emma's home bound PT from school brought a neat tumble form chair. She likes it sometimes. We found out last night she really liked sitting in it and listening to the Celtic Women dvd. Her little arms and legs are going ninety to nothing while she's listening.

I'm looking forward to an evaluation Friday with a new PT. She will come once or twice a week and work with Emma. I think it makes such a difference. Emma doesn't necessarily like to work with the therapists and tends to fuss at them a lot, but I think it makes her muscles feel better. I'm on the search for a new OT as well. Slowly but surely we'll get the folks here to work with her that she needs. My advice for graduates these days is to major in the field of physical, occupational or speech therapy. There is a huge demand, you will never want for work, and I think the pay is pretty darn good too.
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