Monday, April 13, 2009

80 degree April Day...I survived

Today Kelvin went back to work for the first time since Cora made her debut. All the kids were out of school for Easter break, and I SURVIVED! Yippee! It was a good morning. Emma was in a realitively good mood, and Cora wasn't too impatient. I remembered to make a couple of phone calls I needed to make, started filling out some paperwork, and did some web design research. I also fed everyone breakfast, except Luke who couldn't wait for me and helped himself, as well as lunch, and put a load of laundry on to wash. I'm feeling pretty good about the day. I just hope things stay calm around here tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that...

Stay tuned for pictures of Cora in her Easter dress. I didn't get her dressed in it yesterday, so I thought I would do it today. It'll be fun to play dolls. ;) Carleigh has baby dolls bigger than Cora. She is so tiny! I can't believe I forgot how small they are! Precious!


  1. It sounds like you had a very productive day! I don't even have a newborn and I don't feel like I was that productive. LOL! Cora is so beautiful!


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