Friday, April 24, 2009

Homework Blues

Carleigh is in the first grade. Although the plan was to homeschool, we had to change plans after Emma was diagnosed. I didn't think I would have the energy or the time to dedicate to teaching her, as well as deal with everything involved in caring for Emma. So, we decided to send her to the elementary school down the road. It's really nice that the bus picks her up and drops her off right in front of my house. I will say I am worn completely out doing the homework fight with her almost every day. Yesterday she was telling me how unfair it is that Luke never has homework. He's in the 4 year old pre-K class for goodness sake! It doesn't make any sense in her mind that he doesn't have homework, and she doesn't remember or care that she didn't have homework in preschool! And, in case you were wondering just how much homework she had yesterday, all we had to do was study her spelling words!

Emma has the homework blues too. She's not all too thrilled about working with her therapists when they come. I think she feels better though after they have stretched her, massaged her, stood her, etc.

To be quite honest, this whole homework thing is kind of wearing me out too. :) I'm tired. All the feeding, burping, diaper changing, picking up, bathing, washing, and all the other homework I do is taking it's toll. I need a nap. Maybe the babies will both lie down for a nap at the same time this morning. Oh well, homework is better than the alternative...away-from-home work! Thank the Lord I get to stay home. Just thinking about working away from home makes me exhausted. Kuddos to those of you who are making that work for you.

I think I better get to's breakfast time. One baby down, one to go!

Happy Friday


  1. Homework time wears me out every day too! My daughter is in 3rd, GT, and they pile it on. I'm like, don't they have any time at all at school to learn and do this stuff? LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I tell Kaylee that she has to have her homework done by 7pm. After that she goes in with it not done. She's only done that once! If she whines, yells at me or cries then I just take away her homework and write a note to her teacher that Kaylee didn't feel like doing her homework....I've only had to do it once!! Homework has miraculously become less of an issue since then.

  3. The dreaded homework battle. My sweet boy is now in the 2nd grade - but I remember clearly the 1st grade blues. The amount of h/w he had was unbelievable; teacher would send h/w folder home on Wed. due the following Tues. On average, 3 pages per night, including WEEKENDS. It tapered off when he got into 2nd grade, but it's a big adjustment for these little people coming out of K. We have a strict schedule: walk in the house, wash your hands, feed the dogs, wash your hands again, have a snack while you start your h/w. And then the rest of the evening is ours to enjoy. Hang in there sweetheart - school is almost out!


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