Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today is Tuesday

I started this post yesterday. I'm always a day late and a dollar short...

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and the next day is Thursday...not just any Thursday though! It's the day we are getting new floors installed in our house! I am sooooo excited. We are slowly beginning to put our touch on this house we call home. Of course, Luke made his mark on almost the entire upstairs with crayon, pencil and marker almost immediately! I'll probably be spending a lot of time painting when school starts. I wish we could've gotten the floors a little sooner so Emma could have benefited from them. When she was losing her walking skills, there was a brief time she had a walker. She hated it at our house because she couldn't go anywhere on the carpet. She seemed to like it a little bit better at the rehab center though because the floors were hard and she could go faster.

One of my favorite pictures. Emma was so full of energy and spunk! She loved running around and would hardly ever stay still!

Emma not having so much fun in her walker

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  1. Now that Thursday has come and gone, how do the new floors look?!


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