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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random Ponderings

How is it that on the same car rear window someone has the sticker "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" right next to a sticker of the Virgin Mary? And why are women so proud of their stinky attitudes that they would put a sticker on their car calling themselves a B***ch? I don't get it. Why do people have more pride in the brand of their car than themselves...would your grandma be proud of the "mean little kid peeing on whatever sticker" on the back of your vehicle? And really, who cares anyway? It's a car for crying out loud!

I'm getting a little gripy from the heat, I think. Maybe it's the lack of consistent sleep too. Or the realization that my baby girl is suffering and losing her sweet little life, and people are concerned with things like stupid stickers on the backs of their vehicles!

Moving on...
Cora is growing like a weed. She is so sweet! She has discovered her hands and have them in her mouth a lot. She smiles any time someone gives her any attention at all, and she is delightful about 99% of the time. The other 1% she is testing her voice to see how loudly she can scream. Sister has a very short fuse. She can go from a little fuss to a full blown blood curdling scream in no time flat! The big kids want to hold her all the time. She is a doll. Grammy and Papa kept Cora and Emma while Kelvin studied for finals and I took the big kids to a swimming party the other night...

We are enjoying summer break. The big kids have more VBS, bowling, and a water park this week. They are looking so forward to our vacation later on this summer, but we are having so much fun in the meantime. Carleigh is taking piano lessons, and next week Luke is going to a cooking camp! Can't wait to see what they learn. Tomorrow afternoon I plan on letting them help me mix the homemade ice cream ingredients and dump them in the ice cream maker. That should be a cool treat tomorrow evening!

Did I mention it was 108 degrees on our way home from the Texas hill country last weekend? When we stopped at a roadside park so I could change a dirty diaper, the car thermometer was reading over 125 degrees! I had to check to make sure my sandals weren't melting. My legs felt like they were on fire! I had hoped to get more swimming in this summer, but the water is so warm it feels like a hot tub. Ugh!
Here's a yummy recipe I found on a blog to cool your taste buds...

I have a tip for frappaccino lovers...
make a pot of your favorite coffee and freeze it into ice cube trays. When you'd like a cold frapp, Drop 10 frozen coffee cubes into the blender with 2 T. of chocolate syrup, and a cup of milk, blend until smooth!

Well, I think maybe everyone is finally tired enough to go to bed now, maybe. Have a great day!
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