Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Monday

We started the day with VBS. Carleigh was late due to piano lessons. She's learning a lot in piano. I hope she sticks with it. I would love to see her playing with the praise band or leading our family in Christmas carols one day.

Emma went to the denitst today. Although her teeth seem to be ground to little nubs to me, the dentist said they still look okay. He can definitely tell she does some major grinding, but said she would be okay for a while longer. He even said she has pretty teeth. Of course she does. She's a beautiful baby girl! So, it was a good visit. Dr. Traylor was very nice and attentive. Emma had a good experience at the dentist office today.

I put on a Baby Einstein video for Emma to listen to today, and it caught little miss Cora's attention too. She liked the puppets, but just about jumped out of her skin when one popped up unexpectedly. I thought I would see how she like the Bumbo chair since she has a little bit of head control.

I think she looks pretty good. She's loving the video.

Although she tolerated it, Emma didn't think the video or swallowing her bites was a very a good idea today. I hope tomorrow is better. She's breaking my heart.

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  1. Cora is sitting up so well! What a precious doll!!!

    I'll be praying for better days for your sweet girl. I'm so sorry that your heart is breaking! My prayers and thoughts are with you! HUGS!


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