Friday, July 31, 2009

Proud of This Girl

(Warning: it's Kelvin)

One of the coolest (or cheesiest) things about being a parent is bragging about your kids. I can go on and on about how smart and witty Carleigh is. I will bore you to tears with Luke's latest antics and near death falls. Even though Cora is only a few months old I can make your eyes glaze over as I describe her newly developing dimples and ability to roll over.

Yes, I can brag about my kids. I am a proud daddy.

As parents we all have the same dreams for our children. We look into their eyes for the first time and tell them, "you are going to change the world". We look back on our own failures and regrets and believe this child will avoid all the pitfalls, we'll be sure of it. We say THIS! is the kid who WILL! change the world!
We are asked about Emma and too often everyone hears our standard reply, "Oh, she's doing OK...still making that gradual descent...hard to tell the difference from day to day...she's still eating, so we're happy about that..." Well let me tell everyone, I am beaming with pride for Emma's accomplishments. If you would oblige me for a minute I would like to do some bragging (this is the part where you say "OK", smile, and then start thinking about what you will cook for week...). Here is a partial list of accomplishments that Emma has done so far:

  • she said "A"

  • she climbed the stairs

  • she walked every day she could

  • she moved over 200 bikers to spend the day with her

  • she has touched a community

  • she has played in the Atlantic Ocean

  • when she could no longer walk, she crawled

  • she rode out a hurricane

  • she brought thousands of people together to love on one another at her benefit

  • she ate with a spoon

  • she has proven that our faith in Christ is not tested. It is fortified.

  • she rolled down the stairs

  • she has impacted generations within her family and church

  • she made a road trip across the country in a Prius

  • she has shown us we can do anything. Anything.

  • she walked along the Continental Divide

  • she has shown us we can endure anything. Anything, as long as we let Christ carry us.

  • she has played in the Gulf of Mexico

  • she spawned a charity to help ill children and cancer patients

  • oh, and I must mention, she said "daddy"

So, while some people are known around the world and change nothing, Emma has changed the world around her. She is a rich and wise soul, one which I strive to emulate. She is a world changer and I am so proud of her.


  1. Kelvin you have brought me to tears! I love you guys so much, and yes, it's amazing what we learn we are capable of through Christ alone!

  2. Beautifully written!!!

    You definitely have much to be proud of!!!

    I always think that our older boys are able to do so much, but will they really ever touch as many people as our little Gavin has been able to do?! I'm thinking, probably not. Our special kiddos are put on this earth "to teach, not to learn." This makes me VERY proud too!


  3. So much to be proud of. THis was precious!

  4. Thank you for that, Kelvin. Like Asha, I was moved to tears reading your post. Emma is indeed an amazing little girl, and she is making an impact beyond measure. We love you all!

  5. Of course, she's changed the world. I'd expect nothing less from a child of you two.


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