Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Hope you had a great 4th of July. We had a ball. We spent the weekend in Fredericksburg...such a great little family town! It's something right out of Southern Living magazine. I love it there. It's in the hill country of Texas and just delightful. Saturday morning at 8 was the children's parade. We made it just in time for Carleigh and Luke to push Emma in the stroller around the town square park a couple of times accompanied by the local old folks band. They each had on their homemade July 4th cute. We all sported our patriotic attire. The kids already have big ideas for how we're going to decorate for the parade next year. Fun stuff!

Whew! We made it! Look at our little darlings marching in the parade!

How cute is she!?


We had a great time with our new friends Saturday evening. Dinner was delicious, and the kids had a fantastic time with the water balloons.

Our Christian radio station talked about our "dependence" on God this week. You gotta witness here. Even though I might be a little upset at God for not working in Emma's life the way I would have Him, I'm so totally dependent on Him to get me through each day. There's no independence here. I don't want to do things on my own. I am truly grateful we live in this great country where so many have given so much for me to enjoy the freedoms I do and share with others what a wonderful God we serve. God Bless America!

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  1. It looks like you had a lovely 4th. The pictures are beautiful! Let me tell you, that Carleigh is a blessing! Today she asked can God be in Heaven and in each of us at the same time. Christy Beck, after being amazed that she asked such a deep question, answered her brilliantly! It was definitely a cool VBS moment!


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