Monday, July 27, 2009

4 months

It's amazing what can happen in 4 can lose or gain a few pounds, do a few projects around the house, go on a trip or two, organize a closet or room or two, and watch a doll baby grow like a weed! Today Cora is 4 months old!

Cora is the cah-utest little thing! She is mostly happy, smiling the majority of the time. She has discovered her hands and is very fond of her thumb, and this past week she discovered her little feet! Sooo fun to watch her. She is easily amused which makes the big kids happy. The other day she did the biggest (and first) belly laugh I've heard in a long time! You can't help but smile when you're around her.


  1. Happy 4 months! Whata cute little blessing!!!

  2. I love a baby laugh! I hope Cora fills your house with lots of them:) She's precious.

  3. It is crazy that all of your children look so much alike! I just had two at one time and they don't look anything like each other.
    She's adorable! You've got quite the brood.

  4. Happy Birthday little angel! She is so sweet!


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