Monday, March 9, 2009

Passing around the sick bug

There's an update on the benefit entry.

The kids and I are passing around the crud. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago with fever and congestion. Luke and Emma went last week, and now Carleigh is complaining of a soar throat and running a little fever, so I'm headed in with her today. Oh well, at least it's not the stomach virus that's going around!

Friday we had some tummy and family pictures taken! It was fun, and the pictures I've seen came out great! I'll post some when I get them back.

I had a check up today, and the midwife said we're in the very early stages of progression. It could be a while still, but if the little darling decided to come in the next few days, they wouldn't be concerned. My sugar report didn't look so great though. She said we'd give it one more week making some slight adjustments in my diet, and if half the levels are still coming in high we'll start medication. I hope the diet adjustments work! I'm also hoping Cora won't come on the day of the benefit, March 21. So many people are doing so many wonderful things to make it a success, I would hate to miss out on all the fun!

I still have quite a lot to do to get ready for our new addition. There are clothes to be washed, closets to clean out and chests of drawers to be moved. We'll get it done, or we won't, and it will still be ok. :)


  1. I was actually thinking today about Cora coming on the day of the benefit!!! That would be ok....she will come when she she is ready.....and that Bill has things COVERED!!! He is a pro at this stuff!!
    I am sorry yall are passing the crud around....we did that not to long ago ourselves!!

  2. So sorry to hear that you guys still haven't been feeling well. Glad that you all got to take some family pictures together before Cora arrives. In the last few weeks before Audrey was supposed to arrive, I took my sweet time trying to get things in order and I got a little surprise when she came two weeks early! For some reason, I wasn't too worried about it and in the end everything worked out!

    Hope that everyone starts feeling better soon!


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