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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cora Update and Pictures

OK folks, sorry this is Kelvin and not Christy, but everyone keeps asking for pictures. Christy and Cora are asleep, so I thought I would post an update. This will certainly be a utilitarian post and void of all of Christy's nice touches. Mispelled wordds will be added for your entertainment. Oh well, you'll appreciate her more on her next post!

Baby and Mom came home yesterday, about 27 hours post-delivery. All is well for both. Here are a few pictures...enjoy...

I will take a quick second to tell everyone what an incredible wife, mother, friend, baby-deliverer, prayer partner, solid rock and beautiful soul Christy is. She goes through the rigors of life with a smile and helping hand to others. She is wise. She is a blessing to her friends and family. She is a Proverbs 31 woman. And if I may say so myself- she's a hottie and she's mine!!! Wooo-hoooo!!!...kelvin (ps- if this post disappears, you know Christy is redoing it!)

Christy with Cora at less than a minute old.

Mommy and baby at 18 minutes old


Video of Cora as newborn

Proud Mother Goose and her goslings

Singing Happy Birthday to Cora!

Cora's Birthday Cake

Dad's Labor and Delivery Locker

The new fam...

Kids with Cora

Here is Christy at 4pm today...only 48 hours after delivery. That's my girl!!! This is a real picture, I swear!

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