Friday, March 20, 2009

Lookin Good

I had an ultrasound today. Everything is looking good. She is all cramped in there, but I still have plenty of fluid and she only weighs around 7 pounds, give or take. Cora looks just like Carleigh and Emma...those sweet little lips and cute nose! After the ultrasound the midwife and I reviewed everything. She said it all looks good but that they would induce between 38-39 weeks because of the diabetes, and that would mean next week! She said we'd nail it all down at my check-up Monday. I'm hoping the little doll will come on her own on Sunday so I don't have to worry about being induced, and we can still keep our appointment with the organization we have an evaluation for Emma with on Friday. Nothing like trying to plan everything, huh? I know, it's comical!

Well, it looks like God is granting us our requests for good weather tomorrow. It's supposed to be a pretty day. The benefit is going to be a blast! If you're into auctions, this is your day. There are around 100 silent auction items, as well as 100 live auction items and several raffles too. I can't wait to see everyone! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! Watch for some pictures tomorrow night.

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  1. So excited that you will be getting to meet your little girl pretty soon! Wish I lived in Texas so that I could go and check out the benefit. I will keep you guys in my prayers for a safe and wonderful delivery of little Cora!!!


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