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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heart of Sailing Dunnam Family Sail

Before I forget, Emma is fighting a cold. I think she probably got it from me.
:( I took her to the doctor today, and he said her ears look good and her lungs sounded like she had a little rattle in the upper part but the rest sounded good. Warm liquids and rest is the script. So, I'm hoping she'll feel better real soon.

We had such a wonderful time sailing in February. The older two kids had a ball being captain and raising and lowering the sails. I had a great time just sitting there and soaking it all in. It was good to be on the water again. I miss the beach house more and more, especially since we're getting some warmer days now. Enjoy the pictures...

Here is some information about the organization that provided our sailing experience...
The Heart of Sailing Foundation
Sailing Therapy for Special Needs Children

Our Mission
The Heart of Sailing Foundation is a non-profit charitable 501(c)(3) international organization which introduces sailing to children with developmental disabilities as a form of education and recreational therapy. Teaching sailing to our special needs children has proven to be an exhilarating experience, yet calming, tranquil and highly rewarding…for the children, their parent(s)/caregiver(s) as well as those of us who serve them. We do not charge for this service but, instead, rely upon and are most appreciative of donations.

The Adventure
The sailing, conducted throughout the year during daytime and evenings on weekdays & weekends, is about two and a half to three hours long. The child must be accompanied by his/her parent(s) or care giver and must be willing to wear a life preserver. Basically, the first half hour is a ‘getting to know you’ time during which we discuss things about the boat as well as safety items. When we leave the dock, the child helps steer the boat as we motor out to open water. The child also learns knot-tying, navigation and piloting of the sailboat along the way. Once the sails are raised by the child and Captain working together, the child begins to steer the boat under sail. The child, while at the helm steering the boat, is told that he/she is then the Captain (i.e. “the boss”) and, therefore, gets to wear my Captain’s hat. At the conclusion, the child is awarded a certificate as well as a large medallion on a ribbon which can be draped around his/her neck, similar to an Olympic medal.

More About Us
The foundation is providing this free service in 36 locations within the United States and served approximately 3,000 children in 2008. In the Greater Houston area, we provided our service to 313 children in 2008, and plan for at least 500 in 2009. To learn more about the Heart of Sailing Foundation, please go to our web site: While at our Homepage, be sure to check out two things: (1) our latest PowerPoint presentation and (2) the special feature produced by FOX News. Register for a Free Sail Please log onto our website ( and do the following: At the top of our Homepage, click on 'Sail With Us' At the next page, scroll down and click on 'Houston-Galveston' At the next page, below '2009' click on 'register' and then complete the registration form Upon our receipt of your registration, we'll make contact with you and we can firm up a sail date.

What Else You Can Do
Please help us spread the word to families with special needs children. Also, if you know those who may be willing to support this unique therapeutic program, please encourage them to help. We depend upon donations from individuals, corporations and charitable foundations. Additionally, we need more boats (loaners or donated) plus many more volunteers: skippers, crew on the boats, as well as help with administration, support during events and fundraising. Come join us!

Heart of Sailing, Houston-Galveston Chapter:
1714 Festival Drive, Houston, TX 77062
Phone: (281) 488-1780
Cell: (281) 507-1867
01 09 10 11 12
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