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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Movin' on up!

My boomin' metropolis of a town is movin' on up in the shopping world. The Children's Place clothing store has it's grand opening tomorrow! I'm so excited! One less store I have to go out of town to shop now! WHOO HOO! The small things in life are usually the biggest blessings, wouldn't you agree. :) So, tomorrow afternoon I will be Easter shopping with the rest of the crazy excited mamas in town!

Congratulations goes out to my sweet friend Lesley! They found out today they are having a girl...Cora's future little partner in crime, I'm sure. After 3 boys, it's about time some pink showed up in their house. Hee Hee!

We are all on the mends now with maybe the exception of Kelvin. I think he's trying to get the crud too. Emma and I still have a little lingering cough, and Em is still fighting a runny nose, but we're getting there. I took Carleigh to the doctor Monday afternoon and she tested positive for strep. She stayed home from school Monday and Tuesday but did a little happy dance because she finally got to go back today after being on the med for 24 hours. She was not at all happy with the amount of homework she has to do now, however! The tears started flowing. I think she was a little relieved to know she doesn't have to get it all done tonight.

Well, enough said for now. I need to get on the Children's Place website and do some pre-shopping so I won't be so overwhelmed tomorrow! Happy Trails!
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