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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas time is here

Luke played football this year, and Carleigh cheered. We have had such a good time watching them on Saturday mornings. Today was their last practice, and Saturday is their last game. Luke has had a blast. He is an awesome rusher, and you should see him cutting back and forth for a touchdown! Carleigh has done an awesome job cheering. She got the star for leadership last week, and it was the perfect description for her. I am so proud of both of them.

We finally got the tree up the day before yesterday. The kids kept asking if we were ever going to get the Christmas decorations out this year! We're nowhere near done, but at least the tree is up and somewhat decorated.

If you are a friend of Kelvin's on Facebook, you heard the funny story about our lime orange tree. When we bought it, the lady told us it was a lime tree. For years we have tried using our awful limes. This year we left them alone more because we were too busy to harvest them than anything. Anyway, as you can see, this year, our limes made some really lovely oranges!

Our neighborhood is known for the beautiful lights. Last weekend the neighbors helped each other install arches over the street. Everything is so pretty at night.

Our house.

 We have enjoyed some cool weather. The kids and I have been snugglin' by the fire with our hot chocolate...not much better than that!
Hope you're having a blessed Christmas season.
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