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Monday, December 12, 2011

Good Weekend

Did you have a good weekend? We did. Friday Kelvin and I got to do some shopping with Cora. It was fun spending some time together with just her. We survived the Houston traffic, ate some yummy Mexican food, and even bought a couple of things. Then we headed home, got the big kids, took a breather, and headed back to Houston for a night with the kiddos. We ate at a quaint little Italian food place in Rice Village that we like called Gugliani's, and got some hot tea and hot chocolate after dinner to enjoy some of the Christmas lights in the area. Good times!

Saturday was the last football game and last time Carleigh would cheer for the season. It was a brisk morning, so we were all snuggling and trying to stay warm for the 9 o'clock cheer session. By Luke's game at 11, the sun began peeking his head out, so it was as cool. The kids did a great job! Luke is an awesome rusher! He made some incredible plays and scored a couple of touchdowns too.

Saturday afternoon we got to spend time with the Dunnam family. Kelvin's aunt and uncle have the perfect set up for our big ole group. The kids had a ball riding in the barrel train, on the camo golf cart, climbing up into the tree fort and riding the horse! Of course, I forgot the camera! Kelvin's cousins have children a little older than ours and some a little younger than ours, but they all had a good time playing together. I wish we could spend more time hanging out.

Saturday evening was spent saying our good byes for now to one of Kelvin's former bosses as he and his family head over to China (not China, Texas) to start up a new plant there.

Sunday was spent resting the morning away. The kids wanted to make a popcorn garland for their new little Christmas trees for their bedrooms, so I made a batch, and we started threading.

I think Cora ate more than Carleigh and Luke strung!

What a doll!

Finished product on Luke's tree
After all our hard work, we got dressed and headed to a Christmas parade. It was so much fun seeing friends and watching all the fun floats go by. Carleigh and Cora loved the candy. Luke's not such a fan...of candy or parades. He came around though. Next year I'm taking along a thermos of wassail!

Sheer delight!
 Cora was so excited to see the parade start! It's so much fun having a little one around during Christmas. Everything is so exciting and it should be.

Eagerly awaiting with bag in hand ready to load it with candy!

Cora's boyfriend, Hudson. Michelle and I are planning the wedding now. ;)

Carleigh, Michelle and Cora

cool float
The kindergarten center's float...Christmas in the Jungle

As I was catching up on Facebook yesterday morning, I learned my friend Clarissa's little Haylee is in the arms of Jesus now. She had Batten Disease like Emma. Though I know Clarissa is comforted by the fact that Haylee is in the arms of Jesus and running and jumping and playing, there is still a great sadness. Will you please say a prayer for Clarissa and her sweet family? Thank you.

Wishing you a week full of the Love of Christmas.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior,
who is Christ the Lord.

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