Sunday, December 18, 2011

the shepherds

Why the shepherds? The first group of people that we know of that were given the most important birth announcement of all time were the shepherds. They weren't known for their wealth or their high place in fact, just the opposite. They were a group out in the fields, away from the crowd, raising animals that would probably be used for the sacrifices at the temple in nearby Jerusalem. Why did God choose them? Why not the crowd in the city? Were they too busy to hear from Him that night? Were they too preoccupied? Too worried about the census? Too busy taking care of family and friends visiting for the census? Or was God more concerned about telling the world, that His son had come to the earth as a baby, wrapped in clothes and was lying in a manger? That His kingdom would be for all, even the lowly shepherds. I don't know what the answer is. Our pastor mentioned the shepherds this morning, and it made me wonder why them? I'm glad it was them. I'm glad He came and provided salvation for all. That we don't have to be of high status or have extreme wealth to know Him. I love this season we get to spend time reflecting and praising Him for his sacrifice.

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