Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I finally caved. After years of the kids begging and finally Kelvin guilting me into it encouraging me that it was a good idea, I agreed to get the family a dog. I told Kelvin I would get to pick the breed because I would be the one staying home with him/her the most. After discussing what I did and didn't like and researching a bit, Kelvin suggested we go with an English Springer Spaniel.


We have some friends who foster golden retreivers, so we thought it would be a good idea to adopt a dog from a rescue group. I didn't want a puppy. This mama is just too tired to go through all that's involved with raising a puppy. Who knew this process would take soooo long or be so involved?! We've been waiting since Thanksgiving. I didn't realize I would have to complete an application or have a home visit. I really wanted to have the dog for the kids by Christmas, but this did not happen. Since the rescue group is run by volunteers, they do as they can. We're hoping they can make something happen soon so the kids don't drive us batty asking when the dog is coming. We'll be sure to post photos of our newest addition as soon as he/she arrives!


  1. How exciting! I think you're very wise to have waited till the kids are old enough to help with the dog... Can't wait to hear about his/her arrival at your house!!

  2. Congrats! Hope your new fur baby is home with you soon. :)


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