Saturday, December 24, 2011

Meals and crafts

So, my ENTIRE day was spent wrapping up lose ends on the Christmas list. I didn't have time to cook the tomato basil soup for today. I barely had time to push through the crowds at the grocery store to get stuff to make chili cheese dogs, which is what we ended up having for dinner tonight. Maybe next week I can fit in the soup and sandwiches that were on the menu for tonight...we'll see. Or maybe we'll fast next week since we've all eaten so much JUNK!! The kids made the adorable sugar cone Christmas trees with one of our precious babysitters today. They also made the cinnamon star oranments from the Truth in the Tinsel Advent e-book. It smelled soooo good when I walked in the house from the retail zoo.

Yes, Cora's nose, hands and anywhere else she could stamp herself is red. She loves putting stickers and stamps all over her body! She got extrememly upset with me when I tried getting the stamp off her face this morning. Carleigh loves anything that has sugar in it, as is demonstrated perfectly in the photo of her licking the butter knife. Love those kiddos!

Hope you're anticipating the birth of Emmanuel, God with us, as much as we are. Trying to decide what the perfect birthday breakfast would be on Christmas morning...a birthday breakfast for a King. Any suggestions?

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  1. I have a wonderful tomato baisl soup we had this Thursday for dinner. let me know if you want to try something new... it was to die for!


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