Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm so excited about this

click on the picture for lots more!
I can't wait to start making Christmas memories with my kids this year. What do you like to do for Christmas with your children? For Advent? Can't wait to hear and see all of the cool ideas.


  1. I made an amazing scratch off advent hanging and we have lot sof great activities to "uncover" -chcek out tomorrows post.

  2. I got that too!!! I actually asked Marc to print it at work....I also asked if he would laminate it and put it in a binder and he said he would print it but he wasn't kinkos!!!! LOL!
    I am excited about it too!!!

  3. I'm looking forward to going to get our Christmas tree. We also spend Christmas Eve with my Grandmother & Great Grandmother which I really enjoy doing. Making memories during the holidays is so much fun.


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