Sunday, November 28, 2010

What a week!

We had a wonderful week at the deer lease. It was a huge change for us since we are usually in town with family for Thanksgiving, but we decided to take advantage of the week off and head out of town. I made the dressing early and took it with us along with a Cajun smoked turkey and a whole lot more. I even made the apple pie again! It was yummy the second time too!
Apple Upside-Down Pie

Carleigh had the opportunity to hunt with Kelvin this time too. We were so excited for her when they drove up in the Scrambler with this bad boy in the back!

Man, the standard is set high for this little chica! My 8 year old little girl shot her first 8 point white tail buck!

The marks on Carleigh's face are the result of a long-standing "tradition" which Kelvin convinced me and Carleigh she had to do after harvesting her deer. It's the deer's blood! EEEW!

Luke was chomping at the bit to get his hands on that deer!

We got a play-by-play around the campfire when our friends joined us. The Garretts have a lease a half mile down the road, literally. And our friends, the Bakers came up Thanksgiving evening and joined us for the long weekend. We had a ball!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Way to go Carleigh! I'm so proud!!

  2. wow what a deer! Glad you guys had a great week away!

  3. Oh my! Our dad would never had considered taking any of his daughters hunting at age 8 (we were in California.) Life is different in Texas! If you have a "warrior princess" on your hands, she is in the right place with the right dad to teach her. Carleigh is one brave girl! I gues a wahoo and congratulations are in order!


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