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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Wish...

I wish I could follow through with all the great decorating ideas for the house I see on other people's blogs. I'm either too tired or lazy most of the time to get things done. I need that money tree to grow in my back yard too. Oh well, slowly but surely.

I wish I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight. I wish my hip wouldn't hurt when I do any kind of mileage walking or running.

I wish there was no such thing as Batten Disease.

I wish I didn't have a reason to go to a fundraiser tonight to raise money for research to find a cure for Batten Disease. Don't get me wrong, the fundraiser will be tons of fun, and I will enjoy going. I just wish we didn't have to raise money to fund the research to find a cure. I wish little girls and little boys didn't have to lose their vision, memory, muscle tone, eating function and more because of the dreadful disease called Batten. I wish that cure would come sooner than later so little lives could be restored.

I wish my little girl, Emma, was here today well and disease-free to enjoy the cool weather and her little sister. Cora is so funny and cute, and I know she and Emma would have gotten along like best friends.

I wish my dad, sister and grandmama were well.

I wish we could have beautiful days like today all winter!

I wish I was as organized on the outside of my head as I am on the inside... On the inside of my head, my laundry is always washed, dried and folded before it has time to wrinkle in the laundry basket. My children put away their clothes in an oh-so-neat manner in the correct drawers, or hang them perfectly on their little people hangers in their closets. On the inside of my head, my children have the little hanger cubbies hanging in their closets, and an outfit per day of the week, complete with socks and underwear/panties are in each cubbie.

Of course on the inside of my head, this nifty little organizational trick always takes place without any argument from my kiddos on Sunday afternoon or evening.

I wish little children all over the globe weren't homeless and hungry. I wish our family could meet our Compassion child one day.

I wish I knew Spanish. Well, more than "how are you" and "where's the bathroom."

I wish my friend's heart wasn't broken.

I wish I could take a long, lazy nap every day.

I'll be looking for the first star tonight, how about you?

What do you wish?

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