Sunday, November 14, 2010

Domestic Diva

Today was our former small group's Thanksgiving Dinner, and they invited us to join them. Everyone brings something yummy, and I did a little searchin' and came up with this delectable delight!

Apple Upside-Down Pie

If you click on the title it will take you to the Southern Living recipe. You'll notice my photo and their photo look slightly different. I think I should have crimped the crust tighter and scraped the edges to fit the pie plate. I was tickled pink with myself for baking this beauty though! I'm not normally one to enjoy baking. I would rather whip up some crawfish étouffée or tortilla soup, but this just sounded gooood, and boy, was it! "Make-you-slap-yo-mama good," as the Cajuns will tell ya! I also made some fresh cranberry sauce. It usually turns out really good, and the kids love it, but not so much this time. I tried using orange juice instead of sugar, and the kids and I were making some serious bitter-beer faces upon tasting before the dinner. (Please tell me you remember those commercials!)

All this talk about food makes me think about Emma gobbling down whatever was placed in front of her. I'll never forget when her occupational therapist first started visiting and asked if I wanted the nutritionist to come by and evaluate her eating and give me some tips on healthy food choices for Em. I didn't outright decline, but I did say, "I am a pretty big health nut, and Emma eats like a horse." When she stayed to watch Emma eat lunch one day she was blown away by the amount of food that little girl could consume! She loved to eat. I miss her sitting at the table in the high chair shoving food in her mouth as fast as I could give it to her.

Last night Carleigh and I pulled out her sewing machine she received for Christmas last year. It's a really nice one! We (even Luke) practiced making stitches on her scrap fabric, and then I decided to try my hand at making a pillow. I did it! It was sew easy! (snicker, wink!) I bought some beautiful red fabric at Hobby Lobby the other day (50% off!) with the intention of Carleigh and I making a Christmas pillow for our sofa. I'm glad to know they are so easy to make! I'll be sure to take some pictures to share with you! Carleigh and I (heavy on the I) are totally stoked about the endless possibilities that lie ahead for that sewing machine! I see a cutie patootie Christmas skirt in her future...

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  1. Oh, I enjoy sewing... it's kind of mindless, but there's enough thinking involved to make you feel like a good problem-solver. What fun to do it with Carleigh! Maybe Tuck will sew with me someday :) I do hope you post pictures of pillows and skirts!!


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