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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Advent Calendar **UPDATED**

(More details on the Advent Calendar Below)
Last year I was reading Sarah's blog and was totally inspired to make an advent calendar. It didn't happen last year, but this year, I was determined! My girlfriends and I stayed up late into the wee hours of the morning last night to get these sweet things finished. What do you think?

I just love the way they turned out! I saw the idea for a muffin tin advent calendar somewhere but can't for the life of me remember where. She used a mini muffin tin, but I took two regular-sized tins, drilled holes in the bottom edges, and connected them together with ribbon I had in my craft box. I found the cheapest muffins tins in town at Kroger on sale for under 4 bucks! The scrapbook paper was half-off at Hobby Lobby, and I added a few cute details from old Christmas cards for FREE, so the whole project was well under $10!

I can't wait to fill each one with something fun to get ready for Christmas! Don't tell the kids, but I bought a really cool new Christmas book for them at Cora's book fair the other day, and the little note inside the tin tomorrow will give instructions on where they can find it on the shelf! I love Christmas! This year will be a bit bluer without my sweet Emma. The sparkle isn't nearly as bright as it once was.

So, what's going on at your house to get ready for Christmas?

Okay, so here's what we did to make our muffin tin Advent calendar...

~You need 2 12 cup muffin tins, which works perfectly for an Advent calendar, which has 24 days! :) Of course you can use the 24 cup mini tin, but with three kiddos to provide treats for, I needed a bigger cup size. (I just had to giggle with the last sentence. Who couldn't use a bigger, or perkier, cup size? Hee, Hee!)
~Get a box of adhesive magnetic sheet

~Cut whatever shapes or designs you would like to cover your muffin cups. We did circles, but you could do squares or whatever.
~Decorate the front of the the paper, adding numbers 1-24.
~Cut strips of the magnetic adhesive and add to the edge of your covers.
~Arrange your numbered papers however you wish on the muffin tin. I put mine in order from 1-24, but my friend suggested it might be fun to scramble them for a little challenge for the kiddos.
~Add treats or notes to the cups.
~Get excited each evening when it's time to reveal the treat of the day. The book was a hit last night! I think tonight's note will suggest we make s'mores indoors.

Spread marshmallow cream on graham crackers with a piece of chocolate...yum! You can also microwave a large marshmallow on a graham cracker for a few seconds, then add the chocolate...yum! Either way is fun and yummy!

Have fun!
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