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Sunday, April 4, 2010

You have to break it to use it...

(author warning: kelvin)

...An Egg...

Yep, the incredible, edible egg. Until it is broken it is only a spot in the refrigerator, a potential mess, an odd shape and stored energy. But!, once it is broken it can become fried or scrambled, an egg-in-a-nest, French toast, a vegetable rich omelet or even a dye-stained meal for a kid in the front yard on Easter morning.

So, what about a heart? (note- don't look here for an answer)

Looking back at the answer God provided to compensate for our sins, it involved loss, a broken body and death. Was Christ an egg, only gaining value in death? Well, he certainly had value in life, but that would have only made him a prophet. It took a crucifixion to make him a savior.

Are certain people (souls) chosen as eggs, to bestow their greatest value in the hearts of others only through being broken? It sometimes seems that way, but makes absolutely z-e-r-o sense to me. However, we serve a mighty and awesome God. His grace and strength and love are beyond understanding. His plan is perfect. We praise Him, even if with broken hearts.

Happy Easter, Emma! I hope you find the most eggs this morning. ..don't forget to hold your basket straight so your eggs don't fall out the back. I love you and miss you terribly...Daddy


  1. praying for your family today! I does not make any sense to me either but we will continue to have FAITH in a God that is bigger than ourselves.

  2. I believe that Emma has had the most amazing Easter this year. Her basket is over flowing. The sad part is you cannot see her, and she can not see you. Perhaps she is the butterfly that lands on you for that fleeting moment. Or, perhaps she is that hummingbird that goes by in a blick of an eye. What ever she is, she is always a beautiful angel. Our prayers were not answered quite the way we wanted. I wanted Emma healed. And she was. Emma is whole again. I pray that one day you, her beautiful parents will be whole again. Emma is rockin it in heaven. Heaven will never be the same again.


  3. That's beautiful Kelvin.
    Emma is lucky to have fabulous parents like you.
    She must miss you two so much, too.
    but I bet you a Nutella chocolate egg that she is holding out her basket straight!!!!
    and Abi

  4. Insightful, as always!

    Hope your family has a Blessed Easter! I'm sure you are missing sweet Emma like crazy! But, I have a feeling she is having THE BEST EASTER EVER!

    Love, Hugs and Prayers for your wonderful family!

  5. My entire being hurts for you. I want so desperately to take the pain from you and Christy, but I know I can't. I am always here for you both; I know you know that. Yesterday I asked Christy how she was doing then I apologized immediately. What a wasteful comment! I could have said, "I lift you all up often." or "Emma is with me every day. We share thoughts and memories and talk about her wonderful family that she left behind." or "I know Pawtaw and Lori can hardly wait to spend Easter with Emma. They will have so much fun hunting Easter eggs with her - running, laughing, and yep, helping Emma hold that Easter basket level so she won't spill those eggs!" Oh, how Lori and Marvin never tired of hiding eggs for the kiddos! This time last year you had Emma in your arms and ya'll were in the front yard hunting eggs with Carleigh and Luke. See, you have made memories for so many! We've been through this together before, Kelvin and Christy. As many have told you, the hole in your heart will never go away, but the good memories and happy times will help you get through each day. My motto about life is "Just one day at a time." Many times even that will seem impossible, then it becomes,"God, just get me through the next 15 minutes." And it will work...even when it seems it doesn't. I love you.

  6. Praying for your family this weekend and thinking of sweet Emma rejoicing in heaven.
    How hard to be sepparated from your precious girl.
    Praying God's healing grace over your hearts and spirits. May He use your brokenesss and transparency for His glory.
    Love and hugs and prayers,


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