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Sunday, April 4, 2010

You have to break it to use it...

(author warning: kelvin)

...An Egg...

Yep, the incredible, edible egg. Until it is broken it is only a spot in the refrigerator, a potential mess, an odd shape and stored energy. But!, once it is broken it can become fried or scrambled, an egg-in-a-nest, French toast, a vegetable rich omelet or even a dye-stained meal for a kid in the front yard on Easter morning.

So, what about a heart? (note- don't look here for an answer)

Looking back at the answer God provided to compensate for our sins, it involved loss, a broken body and death. Was Christ an egg, only gaining value in death? Well, he certainly had value in life, but that would have only made him a prophet. It took a crucifixion to make him a savior.

Are certain people (souls) chosen as eggs, to bestow their greatest value in the hearts of others only through being broken? It sometimes seems that way, but makes absolutely z-e-r-o sense to me. However, we serve a mighty and awesome God. His grace and strength and love are beyond understanding. His plan is perfect. We praise Him, even if with broken hearts.

Happy Easter, Emma! I hope you find the most eggs this morning. ..don't forget to hold your basket straight so your eggs don't fall out the back. I love you and miss you terribly...Daddy
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