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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things That Last...Like Butterflies...

(author warning: kelvin)

Christy is a fairly practical person. She doesn't buy things in excess and looks for practicality in all she does. With that, she has never encouraged me to buy her flowers because they don't last (although she doesn't complain when she gets them, either!). She prefers things that last.

When Emma passed in February a collection was taken amongst my coworkers at Lubrizol Corporation. They soon realized they had gathered a considerable sum and the thought of using it to buy dozens of sprays did not seem right. So they set out to do something that would last. Below is a picture of a beautiful memorial they commissioned for Emma. It is carved into a solid piece of Hill Country flatrock and was made by an artist in Fredericksburg, Texas. It is 39" long, 29" tall, 12" thick and weighs a few hundred pounds (just ask my buddies!). We have placed it in a butterfly garden in our backyard.

It reads:

In Memory of

Emma Elizabeth Dunnam

Thank you for touching our lives

Lubrizol Family

Notice the butterflies? Beautiful, huh? There are two other butterflies on the other sides as well. Everything is carved 1/4" deep into the stone. Now for the amazing part...this awesome stone is an accessory to the main part of the memorial that has yet to arrive! On Tuesday we are scheduled to receive a 52" Bronze Statue of a Little Girl with a Butterfly in her outstretched hand!!! Be sure to check the blog this week to see the bronze.

Things that Last...Like Butterflies...and Friends...

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