Monday, April 26, 2010

A good reminder

How to Really Love a Child...

Be there**Say Yes as often as possible**If they are crabby, put them in water**If they're unloveable, LOVE them.**Laugh alot**Have family movie nights**Let them pick out their own clothes**Stop yelling**Let them bang on pots and pans**Play games**Play dress up**Read books out loud with joy**Bake a cake and lick the bowl!**Surprise them**Handle with care**Be Kind!

This little ditty reminds me of the important things. It's easy for me to get bogged down with the trivial and get frustrated. I have this on a little magnet on my fridge. It's helpful to read it several times a day!

We had a great weekend! We went to the hill country and Kelvin did a LOT of work at the deer lease. We had our friends there who are on a deer lease down the road and enjoyed visiting and watching the kids play. The girls went shopping Saturday while the boys worked, then we had some of the best hamburgers you ever did eat! Can't do much better than good food and good conversation with some good friends! Of course I forgot the camera, so we don't have any pictures of the beautiful flowers and fun we all had. Just imagine!

Will you please pray for our friend, Bruce? He just found out this weekend he has a brain tumor. They are doing surgery tomorrow. Thank you.


  1. I am glad you had a fun weekend!! You guys deserve it...
    I will for sure pray for your friend Bruce. My father in law had a brain tumor and that was 10 years ago and he is great now...lots of prayer though!!!


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