Saturday, August 22, 2009


So, Luke and Emma and I are hanging out this afternoon listening to a little John Mayer live in LA. (Emma was really digging it too, I must say. Or should I not say 'digging'? She liked it a lot.)

Luke and I are watching his guitar skills, and I say, "are you going to play guitar like that when you get older?" Luke replies, "you don't let me touch Daddy's guitar." I say, "maybe you should ask for one your size for Christmas." Luke ponders this and shakes his head yes for a moment, then replies, "I'm going to ask for a tuba." I say, "a tuba is kind of big, don't you think?" to which he replies, "no, it fits on my waist like this" at which point he demonstrates how he will wear his tuba, then proceeds to oom-pah several notes. After his tuba demonstration, he then smiles and changes his mind..."I want a harp!" I say, "Luke, a harp is taller than Mommy, and as wide as this recliner!" He says, "no, I thought they were as big as Cora! I want a harp!"

Gotta love that boy!

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