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Monday, August 24, 2009

Double Bucket and School Days

Whoever invented to stomach virus should be shot in the foot. It's the worst kind of sick to be in my opinion, which counts for a lot since I was the one up all night being sick. I think I'm starting to get better now. I really thought I was going to die last night. I even had fever. YUCK!

Carleigh started second grade today. I'm really struggling with having a second grader. I mean, how did that happen? She was just in kindergarten yesterday! Kelvin took her to school today. I think she looks so cute in her first day of school clothes. She wanted to wear the cutie patootie hat to go with her outfit, but it's made out of sweater material, and it is still 100 degrees out, so I convinced her to go with the darling butterfly ponytail holder instead. Although, I can't wait until it does cool off because she looks so darn adorable in the hat. This is the first year since she started with the 2 year old class I haven't taken her to her first day of school, so I'm a little bit blue. I can't wait to show you the pictures.

Luke is psyched about starting kindergarten Wednesday. I think he is just itching to read like Carleigh. He took a week long reading camp this summer from his kindergarten teacher and did really well, so I'm sure he'll be reading in no time.

Fun stuff...wish Emma could be enjoying the three year old class with Mrs. Mayfield this year. She would love her just like my other big kids did. They learned so much in that class, and did so many fun projects. Emma would have loved learning about how
"Cowboy Dan was a mighty fine man and a mighty fine man was he. He called for his hat, and he called for his boots, and he called for his horse named Lee. Yee Haw!"

And she would have thought the pancakes and pjs day was the best. I know she would have loved the ice cream sundaes they make at the Valentine's Day party. Instead, I'm going to inquire about aquatic therapy at our local rehab center. I think she may really enjoy the water. She liked it so much on vacation. Her home bound teacher comes on Wednesday. It will be good to see her again. And she'll continue with OT and PT like she's been doing. Throw in a couple of massages in the month, and she'll be a busy little girl.

Have a great Monday!
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