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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just another day at the Dunnams

You never know what you're gonna get on any given day at the Dunnam household. Tonight was "see how many arm/leg farts you can do in 10 seconds" night. Luke cranked out 38 one time! Carleigh came in at a close second with 32. I know you wanted to know that. Today while we were swimming, my sweet friend shared how she was so proud her son had learned the art of the arm fart from my son, I'm sure and was showing it off to whomever would pay attention recently. I think they may have been at a restaurant if I'm not mistaken. What can I say? I'm a proud mama.

We finally got some rain around here, and it cooled off the pools a little bit, so we took the plunge today. The kids had a good time. I took Emma too. She seemed to enjoy it for the most part. She definitely lets you know when she's had enough though. Luke is getting braver when it comes to getting his face in the water. I think he's ready to retire the floaties, but he's just not quite confident enough yet. Maybe next year. Carleigh has really blossomed in the water this summer. She was pretty timid last year, but now she's a little mermaid.

We are taking Emma to the genetic doctor tomorrow. Hopefully they will do some blood work and not just ask us a bazillion questions. We need to isolate the screwed up DNA marker (I really don't know what I'm talking about here) so we can have the other kids and nieces and nephews tested to see if they are carriers for Batten Disease. I hope no one is. `
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