Monday, August 31, 2009

Bucket List

Have you seen the movie? Bucket List...It's one of those really good ones. The kind that make you think. The characters in the movie are dying from cancer or something terminal and decide to do the things on their bucket list...the things they have always really wanted to do their entire lives but never have. I have a bucket list...
  • visit New England in the fall
  • shop Pike Place market in Seattle
  • go to a Broadway play in New York City and do all the other wonderful things in NYC
  • raft through the Grand Canyon
  • sail around Martha's Vineyard
  • drive Route 1 on the California coast and tour the Napa Valley
  • feel the spray of a waterfall in Hawaii
  • experience the power of Niagara Falls
  • see the Eiffel Tower
  • take a Mediterranean cruise
  • dance the night away in Spain
  • watch the wales in Alaska
  • eat Italian food in Italy and stomp the grapes at the vineyards
  • ride a train in Europe
  • hear the music of the greats performed in their hometowns
  • find a cure for Batten Disease
  • see a miracle healing for my baby girl

There is more, but I cannot think of more right now. I would love to cross off the last two things on this list most of all.

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