Friday, August 21, 2009

Flashback Friday

I have probably said here before, (but hey, it's my blog so I can say it again, right?) that I remember when Emma used to sleep in our bed sometimes, and in the morning she would climb down, and walk into the kitchen all sleepy-eyed to find me. She would, of course, have her pacifier, hair all a mess, and would tell me in her own way what she wanted. (Remember, she only ever said "Dada" and "uh-oh.") It was usually food. The girl could eat! I loved those times. I miss those times. I wish with all my heart she were healthy, sleeping with her big sister in their pretty pink room.

She's not going back to preschool this year. With each new setback, my heart aches a little bit more. Just as I can't imagine loving her more, but every day I do, I can't imagine my heart aching anymore, but somehow it does too.


  1. I'm sorry that your heart is aching so! Know that I am praying for you and your precious girl! HUGS!!!

  2. And every day those of us who love you guys wish even more that we could take your pain away. She's a beautiful little girl.

  3. Hi Christy,
    Many moons ago, I posted on your blog to tell you how deeply touched and inspired I am by your family, your sweet girl and your story. I have continued to check-in and silently follow.
    Today, I read this post and well, let's just say that my tears haven't stopped. Our stories are very different, indeed, yet I can empathize, on a level, with your aching mamaheart.
    Those who know and love you surely offer your family great support... please know that so many more, who only know you through your blog, hold you high in thought and prayer, too.


  4. Christy, my heart just aches for you when I think about what you guys are going through!! I wish there were the right words or the right things to do to ease her pain and yours but I know there isn't. BUT...I can pray, pray, pray!! She is still such a precious little angel!!!!

  5. I am so sorry she will not be with me this year! I was looking forward to it all summer! I will have to come visit her sometime soon!


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